BEWARE: Stress From A Job Puts Your Life At Stake!


Everybody has days when they dread going into work, but stress caused by our jobs is now so bad it’s making us feel like our lives are at risk, according to new research…

(PHOTOS) Porn-Addicted Judge Suspended After Hard-Core Sex Found On Work Computer

Porn-Addicted Judge MDLS

Judge Joseph Polito was busted using his work computer to check out hundreds of hard-core sex websites.  Get more of the scandalous details here…

Are You A Workaholic? New Test Can Tell You If You Have A Problem!

workaholic MDLS

Addictions come in all shapes and sizes.  Drugs, sex, gambling and work are included amongst the many things one can be addicted to. But how do you know if you are a workaholic? A test developed by Norwegian scientists is designed to show just that.  If you think you have a problem, take the test […]

DAILY TIP: How Not To Sh*t-Talk Your Co-Workers

how not to sh*t talk your co-workers MDLS

Many of us have done this.  Don’t be ashamed to admit it.  There’s definitely an art to sh*t-talking your co-workers. If you going to do it, do it right. Check out the checklist of precautions you’ll need to take… Patricia Dean

(UPDATE) Casey Anthony’s Mother Is CAUGHT Lying, Defense Rests

cindy Anthony MDLS

Today was another one of those days in court.  Casey Anthony declined to testify in her own defense, and her mother was proved a liar! Will Cindy Anthony be charged with perjury?  Click below for the details on how she got caught… Patricia Dean