(PHOTOS) More Drama As Toddler Is Banned By TSA From Flying


Yes, this story is a bit strange – a toddler being banned from flying?  Apparently it was a misunderstanding, but it’s better safe than sorry.  Unfortunately this is what it has come to.  Extreme measures to fly because of the dangers and threats of terrorists.  If you don’t like it, go tell the terrorists to […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Jonathan Corbett Shows How To Get ANYTHING Past TSA Nude Body Scanners

TSA nude body scanners MDLS

The controversial nude body scanners used at U.S. airports have come under fire again after blogger Jonathan Corbett claimed he could smuggle explosives through them.  I personally don’t mind these scanners and will walk right through if it ensures the safety of myself and others but when I saw this I was SHOCKED.  Check out […]

LeBron James Selling TSA-Friendly Energy Drink Alternative

LeBron James energy strips MDLS

If TSA rules for liquids allowed on aircraft are keeping your favorite energy drink out of your carry-on, maybe you need a new energy drink. Or maybe you just need to “Take a Sheet” says NBA star LeBron James of his new energy drink alternative. Click below to see what he’s talking about?