(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Joan Rivers Smoking Pot On Camera, This Is Hysterical!

Joan Rivers smoking pot MDLS

Joan Rivers has no shame in smoking marijuana, in a parking lot, on camera!  I personally find her hilarious.  However, the craziness doesn’t end there, check out the photos and video of the 78-year-old comedian hitting the pipe and having fun in a hot tub here… This is SO FUNNY! Find me on Twitter @NYboriqua117 […]

A Way To Smoke Without Tobacco…Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

electronic cigarette MDLS

Electronic cigarettes: Are they really a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes?  I hate to say it, but I am a smoker.  And for the non-smokers who say ‘can’t you just stop’?  NO, I can’t…if that was the case I wouldn’t still be wasting my money on cancer sticks!  Do your research, quitting cigarettes is the […]