Chris Brown Goes To Rehab!?

chris brown 2013

After Chris Brown’s latest assault arrest it looks as if he is going to get some help…and by help we mean help from not having to serve jail time for a probation violation.  Check out the details here…

Exclusive Details On Chris Brown’s Latest Felony Assault Arrest (PHOTOS)

chris brown  2013 arrest

Chris Brown has been arrested, again, for another violent offense.  Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and my opinion is that Chris Brown is a piece of sh*t, plain and simple.  Check out the details from his latest arrest  here…

Kanye West’s Shocking Admission To Kris Jenner (PHOTOS)


Kanye West and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner got together and had a chat.  I was totally not expecting this…

Teen Mom Porn Star News: It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be, Farrah!


All the way back in May of this year, new pornstar/fame whore Farrah Abraham struck up a deal of sorts with Spinboi Films, a NY based production company, to create what they called a docu-soap called Finding Farrah…

(AUDIO) Zakia Goes In On Maino First Hand!

zakia maino MDLS

Check out what Zakia Baum, the outspoken and dramatic cast member of Starter Wives Confidential, has to say about her ex Maino, Lil Kim, and more!

(PHOTOS) Lil Kim Suing TLC For Starter Wives Confidential Maino Drama?!

zakia starter wives MDLS

Since the premiere of Starter Wives Confidential, Zakia Baum has had no problem keeping her ‘beef’ with legendary rapper Lil Kim a secret.  Now, Lil Kim is allegedly suing!!  Who do you side with – Lil Kim or Zakia?  Check out the details and take our poll here here…

TONIGHT: Monica Will Be Live Tweeting During Premiere Of Starter Wives Confidential

Starter Wives Monica Taylor MDLS

Tonight I will be tweeting live during the premiere of Starter Wives Confidential on TLC.  Feel free to send me your questions and comments!  Get all the info here…

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Katt Williams WHIPS Audience Member With Microphone

katt williams MDLS

Katt Williams is officially out of control.  They say prolonged marijuana use causes psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, so here is your example.  Clearly this man has gone crazy.  Check out the wild video footage here…

(PHOTOS) Da Dollhouse: The Sexiest, Out Of The Ordinary Burlesque Show And How You Can See It!

Da DollHouse (SCARLETT)

An interactive fantasy world unlike any other, Da Dollhouse is not your ordinary burlesque show.  Take a look at the girls and find out the details here…

(PHOTOS) Stripper Arrested For Assaulting Man With High Heel In Strip Club Brawl!

stripper shoes MDLS

Stripper Victoria Perez has been accused of assault with a deadly weapon after her stiletto heel seriously injured a man in a Texas strip club.  Check out the photos and details here…