Political Scandal: Colin Powell ADMITS To Sending Intimate Messages To Romanian Diplomat Corina Cretu (PHOTOS)

Corina Cretu Colin Powell

Colin Powell has been exposed for an alleged illicit affair with a foreign diplomat, and he is not denying the relationship.  Check out the scandalous details here…   MailOnline– Colin Powell has admitted to exchanging ‘very personal’ emails with a Romanian diplomat but denies having an affair with the much younger woman after a hacker […]

(PHOTOS) Republican Jim Wallace Arrested After He Assaults Wife And Spits On Her Daughter

Jim Wallace MDLS

Jim Wallace, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate for Indiana, has been arrested after allegedly throwing his wife into a wall and spitting on her and her five-year-old daughter. Wow, talk about anger issues!  Men like this are straight up cowards.  Check out the photos and details here…

(PHOTOS) Colombian Hooker Speaks Out On Secret Service Sex Scandal

Secret Service Colombian sex scandal MDLS

The Colombian hooker has spoken out on her night with a Secret Service agent.  Honestly, I don’t feel bad for her.  These are the issues and dangers of being a prostitute.  The ones I feel bad for are the wives of the agents who were busted in the scandal!  Check out what the ‘high-end’ prostitute […]

(PHOTOS) Obama Sends Home 12 Secret Service Agents From Colombia For Hanging With Hookers!

Obama Secret Service Colombian prostitutes MDLS

President Obama can’t catch a break. The Secret Service messing with Colombian prostitutes is just another incident to be used against him – even though he wasn’t involved.  Check out the scandalous details here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Republican Congressman Matt Doheny Caught On Camera CHEATING!

matt doheny photos MDLS

Matt Doheny may be another New York Congressional candidate who could see his political career ruined after he was caught on camera engaging in inappropriate behavior with not one but TWO women, that are not his fiance!  Check out the details and photos, and video evidence here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(VIDEO) Santorum Ignites Outrage, Tells Puerto Rico: Speak English If You Want To Be A State

Santorum Puerto Rico MDLS

Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum was campaigning in Puerto Rico, when he basically shot himself in the foot.  His remark about Puerto Rico, which recognizes both English and Spanish as their official languages, has definitely impacted him negatively.  I can see where he is coming from, but as a Puerto Rican that was born and […]

(PHOTOS) Pro-Lifer Rick Santorum’s Wife Had Affair With Abortion Doctor!

Rick Santorum and wife Karen MDLS

Karen Santorum, the wife of fiercely pro-life presidential hopeful Rick Santorum had a six-year affair with an abortion doctor, 40 years her senior – who, also happened to deliver her as a baby!  It may seem hypocritical, but women change their views and beliefs for men all the time, right?  Find out what the doctor has to […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Mayor Mario Hernandez Publicly Admits Scandalous Affair In Front Of Wife

Mario Hernandez MDLS

California mayor Mario Hernandez turned his private life into public business when he shocked residents at a city council meeting by announcing he was having an affair with a city councilwoman. Check out the photos, video, and details of the confession here… Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

SHOCKING! EXCLUSIVE! BREAKING NEWS! Congressman Anthony The CROTCH Weiner, New Details Emerge!


Is this man an idiot, or just an out of control sex freak?!  Click below to see the newest details and photos leaked of Congressman Weiner. Patricia Dean