oPhone: The Mobile Device That Lets You Send SMELLS?! (PHOTOS)

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 10.21.33 PM

I’m not sure why I would want to send anyone a ‘smell,’ but a French research, art and design center created a device that enables the user to send up to 320 different smells to other devices of its kind…

Pam Oliver Responds To The Weave Controversy

pam oliver

The point I’m trying to make (yes, this post has is a point) is, yesterday on MLK Day it was obvious to me that we as people of color still had a slavery thinking frame of mind. We attack those in our community especially women who set records, set examples, and live their dreams, for […]

Zahia Dehar, The Notorious Underage French Prostitute, Speaks Out (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Zahia Dehar

Teenage call girl Zahia Dehar was just 16 when she allegedly started accepting cash for sex and she is speaking out…

GRAPHIC: The Most Disgusting STD Yet, Cheaters Karma? (PHOTOS)

graphic photos

I can’t even look at this.  Fellas watch out, this should be a major warning for you and where you put your penis!

Sad Or Stupid: Elizabeth Starr, The Porn Star Who Fears Her Size O Breasts Will Kill Her! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

elizabeth starr

Porn star Elizabeth Starr fears her illegal boob job will kill her after her breasts ballooned to an O cup.  I do not feel bad for her one bit, that’s what she gets! I have nothing against women wanting to look and feel sexy, but this is crazy.  Check out this video and photos of […]

SINNER: First Look At The Nun, Roxana Rodriguez, Who Had A Baby! (PHOTOS)

Pregnant Nun

This is the first picture of nun and new mother Roxana Rodriguez…

WTF: Human Emojis Are The Most Disturbing Things, Look! (PHOTOS)


The following images come from a campaign by French child advocacy group Innocence en Danger. The point to to warn people of internet predators, and I think we get the point.  I will never look at an emoji the same again…

WHOA: Actor Kellan Lutz’s Penis Is Showing (PHOTOS)


Actor Kellan Lutz exposed more than we were expecting and we all got a treat to see his package…

Horny Old Lady BUSTED After Seducing Boy She Had Doing Chores In Her Home (PHOTOS)


These days it seems that men aren’t the only sexual predators on the prowl…

Reality TV Star Andrea Clevenger Turns Herself In For Sex With Minors! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

cheer-perfection Andrea Clevenger

Andrea Clevenger, a cheerleader mom from TLC’s show Cheer Perfection, has been caught after having illicit sexual affairs with minors.  Why can’t these women control themselves and why are these teen boys such tattletales?!  Check out the shocking details, photos and video here…