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Take a look at actresses Olga Kurlyenko, Rachel McAdams, Thandie Newton and Kerry Washington as they take it off for film… Find us on Twitter @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Michelle Obama Prepared Divorce Papers For Barack Before He Was President

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The latest news of the Obama marriage is that Michelle Obama prepared divorce papers for Barack Obama before he was in office.  Some people are saying these claims can’t be true, but you know what?  They can.  Let’s not forget the Obamas are human just like us and they are prone to feelings of jealousy […]

Michelle Obama Is A Jealous And Obsessive Wife, According To White House Insiders

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I’ve heard things before about Michelle Obama keeping a close eye on her husband Barack Obama, and even banning certain beautiful young actresses from the White House, but these claims are to the extreme.  However, after all of JFK’s affairs and seeing that mini-series, I don’t blame her!  Check out the scandalous details here…

SCANDAL: Did Michelle Obama Really Ban Actress Kerry Washington From The White House?

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Kerry Washington made a bang with the series premiere last week of her new show Scandal, and boy it was scandalous!  But now, rumor has it that Michelle Obama actually banned the young actress from the White House.  Find out the details here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117