Sad Or Stupid: Elizabeth Starr, The Porn Star Who Fears Her Size O Breasts Will Kill Her! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

elizabeth starr

Porn star Elizabeth Starr fears her illegal boob job will kill her after her breasts ballooned to an O cup.  I do not feel bad for her one bit, that’s what she gets! I have nothing against women wanting to look and feel sexy, but this is crazy.  Check out this video and photos of […]

BEWARE: Find Out Where Posting Your Ex’s Naked Pics Online Is Now ILLEGAL!

posting photos of exes illegal

Before you decide to expose your ex by showcasing their naked photos after a nasty break-up, think again! It is now against the law,  Check out the details here…

(PHOTOS) Vanity Wonder, The Dancer Who Spent $15k On Illegal Butt Injections, Speaks Out

Vanity Wonder MDLS

Vanity Wonder has spent thousands on illegal butt injections and is now trying to help another woman who is addicted to the danger trend.  Check out the photos and details here…

(PHOTOS) Bikini Jailbait: Why Does Facebook Refuse To Take This Page Down?

bikini jailbait facebook page MDLS

A Facebook page called ‘Bikini Jailbait’ has caused outrage, and there is plenty reason for it.  Check out the shocking details here… Find me on Twitter @NYboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Illegal Immigrant Tries To Sneak Into Spain By Posing As An Actual CAR SEAT!

renault car seat MDLS

This is the moment an illegal immigrant was busted trying to enter Spain despite his best efforts of pretending to be a car seat.  This is so creative and they should have given him a pass just for that!  Check out the photos and details here…

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Republicans Demand Investigation Into Illegal Rush Limbaugh Robocalls

robocall MDLS

A bunch of illegal robocalls made from a group calling itself ‘The Women of the 99 Percent’ to voters across the US, have sparked outrage.  It seems as if Rush Limbaugh’s ‘sluts and birth control’ comments have caused a snowball effect.  Check out the details and listen to the robocall here…

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Tranny Rapper Padge-Victoria Windslowe Charged: Murder By Butt Implants

'Black Madam' Padge-Victoria Windslowe MDLS

Padge-Victoria Windslowe who calls herself ‘Black Madam’ has been arrested in connection with the death of Claudia Aderotimi, the girl who flew from London to a cheap motel in Pennsylvania to have butt implants.  Ladies if you want implants PLEASE go to a real doctor in a real medical facility!  This is not the first time […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Naked Man Shows Up For Job Interview, Then Fights Cops!

Jose Ayala naked man MDLS

Illegal immigrant Jose Ayala arrived at a Del Paso Heights-area welding shop, butt naked, highly intoxicated, and tried to get a job.  I guess we all know he did NOT get the job, but there’s more to the story and it just gets worse!  Check out the details and video of the weird naked man […]

Illegal Immigrant Nadia Habib Gets Last Minute Reprieve

Nadia Habib MDLS

Nadia Habib, who was facing immediate deportation to Bangladesh got a last-minute reprieve.  I really don’t understand all the attention behind this. Either you are legally in the country, or you’re not.  I understand she is a young, smart student, but don’t you think she should be a legal citizen in order to stay.  Thousands of hard […]

President Obama’s Uncle Omar Arrested And Facing Deportation


The long lost uncle of President Barack Obama was recently arrested in Massachusetts and is now facing charges including deportation.  Click below for the shady details of the arrest and the life he was living in American illegally. Patricia Dean

70 Year Old Woman Sued For Allegedly Downloading Porn?!


There’s something suspicious about the lawsuit against tens of thousands of Internet users who allegedly downloaded copyrighted files.  Now a 70 year old grandmother is claiming she is being extorted.  Click below for the story…Are you at risk? Patricia Dean