(PHOTOS) The ‘Dungeon’ Where Jorge Salas Fathered 5 Children With Girlfriend’s Daughters

Jorge Salas Arrested MDLS

This is unthinkable!  A Mexican man, Jorge Iniestra Salas, has been arrested after he allegedly kept the teenage daughters of his girlfriend captive for five years and fathered five children with one of the girls.  See the photos of the ‘prison’ the girls lived in at his mother’s home, and the details of the many horrific […]

OMG: Sugar Shane Mosely’s Wife Gets Gets Championship Belts In Divorce Settlement!!


Boxer, Sugar Shane Mosely’s divorce seems to be hitting his pockets pretty hard.  He is being forced to give up his 3 championship belts and much more.  His wife on the other hand is making off like a bandit, which I’m sure she deserves.  Click below for more on what former Mrs. Mosely will be […]