Deion Sanders Will Only Give Estranged Wife Pilar Money In Exchange For Sex???

deion-sanders-pilar-sanders MDLS

Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar‘s divorce battle is getting even uglier. I understand divorce is difficult, especially when there is so much money involved, but these two are making fools of themselves.  If you ask me Deion’s cheating butt should give her what she wants and be rid of her already.  However a prenup […]

(PHOTOS) Russell Brand To Get RICH From Katy Perry Divorce, Couple Had No Prenup!

Katy Perry Russell Brand divorce MDLS

Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s short lived marriage was not a shock to many.  The shock comes with the fact that Russell Brand could gain millions off his soon-to-be ex-wife, since they had no prenup. Get the details of what Katy Perry is at risk of losing and what Russell Brad could possibly be gaining […]

(PHOTOS) Katy Perry And Russell Brand Divorce Rumors Are True!

Katy Perry Russell Brand divorce MDLS

Photos of Katy Perry and Russell Brand celebrating the holidays separate and with out wedding rings have sparked the already rampant rumors of trouble in their marriage.  At first I thought, maybe they just don’t wear wedding rings?  But with the previous reports of Russell and other women I still could grasp that idea as […]