Dirty Little Secrets Of Movie Theaters Exposed

movie theater secrets MDLS

Reader’s Digest has revealed some dirty secrets your movie theater employee does not want you to know. YIKES! I don’t like going out to see movies, but for those who do – read this!!

DAILY TIP: How Not To Sh*t-Talk Your Co-Workers

how not to sh*t talk your co-workers MDLS

Many of us have done this.  Don’t be ashamed to admit it.  There’s definitely an art to sh*t-talking your co-workers. If you going to do it, do it right. Check out the checklist of precautions you’ll need to take… Patricia Dean

Rebekah Brooks SHUTS DOWN ‘News Of The World’ 200 Employees Enraged


As scandal hits, Chief executive of News International Rebekah Brooks hinted that there were worse revelations to come and told ‘News of the World’ staff they would understand ‘in a year’ why the newpaper had to close.  Click below for the mysterious actions of the C.E.O. and the now jobless employees reactions. Patricia Dean