Mind-Blowing SEX Causes Amnesia For One Woman!


I for one can’t believe that there is a downfall to mind-blowing sex, but there is… Check out what you stand to lose when he actually knows what he’s doing… Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

Kelsey Grammer ATTACKS!!!


“You are a vile person, a sick dog”: Kelsey Grammer unleashes a shocking rant at Australian producer, after being asked about his ex-wife Camille on morning TV show. Check out these “un-Frasier” like details… Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

Continued Heartbreak For Huma As Anthony Weiner Verbally Degrades Her And His In-Laws


Newly released messages from the disgraced former congressman’s text conversations, obtained exclusively by MailOnline, show how Weiner had explicit exchanges with women comparing them to his wife… Check out this sad scandal unfolds… Follow us on twitter @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Housewives Drama Continues! Brandi Glanville BITES Back!


A game of charades ended in a bitter catfight in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Find out which “lady” blurts out,  “I will F***ing Kill YOU!!!” and why… Follow us on twitter @MomsDirtySecret 

Drunken Grandma Has SEX In The Back Of A Buick!!!


Looks like granny got her groove back!!! Check out the details on how this cougar had her run in with the law… NAKED! -Siobhan Pierre

(PHOTOS) The Bergholz Clan: Attack Of The Amish?!?!


Amish hate crimes??? What’s next? Raping nuns… SMH! Check out how this secluded group is being victimized.

Latest Trend: Jill Alexander’s Divorcee Sale!

divorce - money

As if bliss and freedom wasn’t enough… Check out the latest reason to get a divorce! -Siobhan Pierre 

SHOCKING: Skinned Alive To Make FAKE Uggs!!!


  Check out the horrific graphic images,  revealing the slow, sickening deaths of raccoon dogs, to make fake Ugg boots!!! -Siobhan Pierre 

(PHOTOS) Jilted Playboy Bunny Karolina Stefanski Seeks Revenge!


Looks like not even ‘Playboy Bunnies’ can keep a man…. But lets be honest, if a house hasn’t been burned, and an in home circumcisions hasn’t taken place, is it really considered a bad breakup??? Check out how this jilted, Playboy Cover Girl, consoles herself after dumping her cheating boyfriend… -Siobhan Pierre

8 Year Old Boy Undergoes Sex Change!!!


A boy who started the process of changing sex at age eight has told how he always knew he was meant to be a girl… -Siobhan Pierre