(PHOTOS) Cristal Paulette Richardson Accused Of Cutting Off A Man’s Penis Before Slitting His Throat

Cutting A Mans MDLS

Cristal Paulette Richardson, 28,  is  being accused of cutting off Cedric Lamont Owens penis before slitting his throat and stabbing him to death in a motel. This woman is CRAZY! She has Catherine Becker beat by a long shot! Click below for the horrible details… Find me on Twitter @JasmineKay_

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Joseph Neal Jr. And Wife To Stand Trial For Their Raping Babysitter

Joseph Neal Jr. MDLS

Joseph Neal Jr., a prominent Georgia lawyer and his ex-wife Caroline Neal are awaiting trial on charges of raping their 18-year-old babysitter.  The whole story here is disturbing.  The first thing I thought was that this man is a sicko who likes little girls…but it doesn’t end there!  Check out the shocking details, photos and […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Top Scientologist Debbie Cook Speaks Out On Her Torture From The Church

Debbie Cook MDLS

Debbie Cook, a senior Scientologist told a court how she was locked up, beaten and tortured by the Scientology’s tyrannical leadership. The Church of Scientology tried to silence her but it apparently did not work.  Check out the video and shocking details of the horror she faced at the hands of the cult-like religion here… 

(VIDEO) Carlos Velazco And Hunter Perez Caught On Camera Car-Surfing Moments Before They Die

Carlos Velazco and Hunter Perez car-surfing MDLS

Carlos Velazco and Hunter Perez, both 18, were clinging to the side of their 19-year-old friend Joshua Ritter’s speeding car in DeBary, Florida while ‘car surfing’ before the SUV overturned and burst into flames. Check out the video and details here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Millionaire Tycoon John Goodman Adopts Girlfriend As Daughter

John Goodman Heather Hutchins MDLS

International Polo Club Palm Beach founder John Goodman, 48, adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend Heather Laruso Hutchins as his daughter.  This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘sugar daddy’. Why would he do such a thing? Check out the details of the bizarre and calculated act here… Find me on Twitter @NYboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Laurie Fine, Wife Of Ex-Syracuse Coach Bernie Fine, Accused Of Having Sex With Players

Laurie Fine MDLS

Laurie Fine, the wife of Bernie Fine, the former Syracuse University basketball coach who was fired for the alleged sex abuse against young boys, has now been accused of having sex with several players that her husband coached.  Wow!  Check out the scandalous details here… Find me on Twitter @NYboriqua117