WOW: Check Out The Baby Born With Two Heads! (PHOTOS)


Conjoined twins were born at a hospital in northern India this past Wednesday morning and you won’t believe these photos…

NSFW: Really Weird Sex News – You Won’t Believe This! (PHOTOS)

Mischa Brooks and Rilynn Rae

As a writer whose main subjects to write on are all sex, sexuality and porn related, one would think that there is very little left in the world that can surprise you. Well usually once every two to three months comes a tidbit of news that blows that lack of surprise completely out the water. […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Abigail And Brittany Hensel: The Conjoined Twins Who Literally Share Everything!

conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel have not only proved doctors wrong, they have astonished them by development growing into young adults.  This is truly amazing! Check out the details, photos and video of the miraculous conjoined twins who were never expected to live this long… Find me on Twitter @NYboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Veena And Vani: Conjoined Twins Who Were Abandoned At A Hospital

Conjoined twins Veena and Vani MDLS

Veena and Vani, eight, were born joined at the head, but their parents left them in their local hospital in Hyderabad, India because they couldn’t pay their medical expenses. Check out the photos,  and the heartbreaking story on the sisters here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Conjoined Twins Angelica and Angelina Finally Separated


Two-year-old twin girls Angelica and Angelina, who were joined at the chest and abdomen have been separated after nine hours of surgery at a California hospital.  Check out the amazing story with photos and video here… Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Chinese Conjoined Twins Separated After Long Surgery

Conjoined twins An An and Xin Xin MDLS

A set of conjoined babies who were attached at the stomach and the chest have been separated.  Doctors have hailed the seven-hour surgery a resounding success and say they fully expect the twins to make a full recovery and go on to live normal lives. The two little girls – named An An and Xin Xin […]

(VIDEO/PHOTOS) Autistic Conjoined Twins Tell Their Story


Stefan and Tyler Delp have spent every moment of their lives together, but have never seen each others faces, except for in the mirror.  Now they want to tell their story.  Click below for exclusive photos and video. Patricia Dean

Let my little girls die, pleads father of 15-year-old conjoined twins Saba and Farah Shakeel suffering from blinding headaches

  An Indian father whose 15-year-old conjoined twin daughters are living in increasing agony has pleaded for help – or for them to be allowed to die.  Click below to read why….

Krista and Tatiana Hogan are conjoined twins who share ONE mind!!

Just one in 2.5million pairs of twins are born with the girls’ condition, craniopagus, in which their skulls are fused together. Like any twins, the Hogans have their differences – for a start, four-year-old Krista loves tomato ketchup, but her sister Tatiana hates it.

VIDEO: Two-Headed Baby Shocks Doctors!!

A woman has given birth to a baby girl with two heads in the Chinese province of Sichuan. The conjoined twins, who share a single body, two arms and two legs, were born by Caesarean section last week, according to officials. The sisters are believed to suffer from a condition known as dicephalic parapagus – an […]