Amazing Race Producer Jeff Rice Cause Of Death Confusion: Shocking Admission From Cab Driver

Jeff Rice MDLS

The shocking news of ‘Amazing Race’ producer Jeff Rice’s death left many wondering what really happened in that Uganda hotel room.  After much speculation of a drug ring scandal with Jeff Rice and his assistant Kathryne Fuller, a cab driver has now made a stunning confession.  Check out the latest details here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Comedian David Cross Admits He Snorted Coke At The White House!!!

David Cross coke at White House MDLS

David Cross has admitted to snorting coke at a White House event, with the President and Secret Service agents present!  Well damn, I’m aware comedians are often known for controversy, but was this a good way to grab media attention to himself?  I think it was actually very immature, beside the whole illegal part of […]