Honest Or Racist: Professor Says Black Students Fail Because They Are Raised By Single Moms

success-failure MDLS

Professor Lino Graglia, from the University of Texas, has sparked outrage by claiming black and Hispanic students are failing academically because they have been raised by single women.  This is a touchy topic, but remember – you can’t fight racism with racism.  That would just make you a hypocritical racist.   Check out what this man […]

New Study Shows Blacks Most Likely To Be Gay


White people are less likely to be gay, according to what could be the largest ever study to calculate America’s lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender population.  Do you think these results are accurate?  Check out the results here…

(PHOTOS) Meet Deneeta Pope, The African American Ex-Girlfriend Of VP Candidate Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Deneeta Pope is the woman everyone is wondering about after it was revealed that Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s ‘college sweetheart was black.’  Looks like Paul Ryan has good taste in women, because she’s hot. Check out the photos and details of here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

Latest Census Reports Shows Highest Number Of Interracial Couples In History

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The 2010 census recorded the highest number of interracial marriages in America’s history, with a 28% increase over the past decade.  My parents, married 34 years, are an interracial couple as well as my husband and I, married almost 4 years.   I am optimistic that this means there are less racists and people are finally […]

Interracial Marriage Hits New High In US

Interracal Marriages MDLS

Interracial marriages in the U.S. have reached 4.8 million, a new record. We still have a long way to go as far as racism, but could this study prove actual progression of change for the best?  People who use terms such as ‘black love’ or ‘marry your own kind’ need to wake up – love […]

‘Genie Bra’ Invented To Move With Your Figure


A new bra has just made its way onto the market and has recently launched in Tesco and Bhs. No more fussing with bras that don’t fit you properly or the difficulty of shopping for them because this bra promises to “move with your figure”. Check out the details below.

(PHOTOS) Kaydon And Layton Richardson Twin Brothers Are Different Races


Kaydon and Layton Richardson are just five yet already they are local celebrities. The pair are not only brothers, but twins.  In fact, the twins have been making headlines since they were born because one is white and the other black.  Click below to see photos of the twins and read more about the phenomenon. […]

(PHOTOS) Girl Bleaches Her Skin On Facebook!!!

Jody-Ann Boothe Bleaches skin on Facebook MDLS

The girl pictured above has gone to Facebook to show all her friends how she bleaches her skin!  Not only is this crazy, it is bad for your health!  Check the photos she posted of the process and her comments on Facebook about her bleaching herself. Patricia Dean

NSFW: Tyson Beckford Naked!!

Tyson Beckford MDLS

Everyday MDLS likes to post something sexy to help brighten up your day.  So grab your favorite afternoon snack and enjoy.  Click below for our featured man.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight MDLS

Everyday MDLS posts a sexy man to help brighten up your day.  So grab your favorite afternoon snack and enjoy.  Click below for our featured man.