Anti-Aging HONEY Facial…Does It Work?

Honey Facial MDLS

Of course, honey is not a new beauty discovery. When eaten, it contains digestive enzymes, vitamins and anti-oxidants which nourish the skin from inside and out.  But this type of honey is particularly special.  Using it as a facial could it shave off years off…or so it has been said. Patricia Dean

The War On Wrinkles, And The Cost To ‘Keep Your Face’…

Botox MDLS

What’s the price of keeping a young face?  Try a year’s salary.  How far would you go to stay wrinkle free, and maintain your youth?  Click below to see how most women feel about this, how far they will go, and how it compares to you. Patricia Dean

(Celeb PHOTOS) Why Hair Goes Gray…Science Of The Silver Fox


Scientists recently may have found out the root cause behind what makes hair go gray.  I have heard tons of reasons on why hair turns gray.  For me, it doesn’t matter why, it matters how long my hair color lasts till they come back.  If you are curious, like many are, click below for some […]

Can you believe this woman is 65??

With her thigh-skimming skirts, toned bare, tanned legs and biker boots, 65-year-old Carole Middleton dresses just as fashionably as her daughters. Carole, a mother of three, has the enviably slim figure of someone half her years — and she’s clearly not ready to slip into ‘comfortable’ middle age quite yet. Likewise, Hillie Marshall has the […]