(PHOTOS) Experts Claims Michael Jackson Was Hooked on Red Bull And Demanded Intravenous Sleep Medicine

Michael Jackson MDLS

Michael Jackson complained he couldn’t get any sleep even though he was hooked on caffeinated Red Bull drinks, demanded intravenous sleep medicine, jurors in the Conrad Murray trial were told. Click below to read more and view photos from the on going trail. Follow us @MomsDirtySecert

Drake EXPOSED By Ex-Girlfriend Catya Washington


Drake’s ex-girlfriend and former ‘Bad Girls Club’ cast member Catya Washington went on a radio show and decided to tell all about her and Drake’s intimate relationship.  While exposing Drake, she is also humiliating herself, but for some reason this does not surprise me.  If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with […]

(PHOTOS) Billionaire Mukesh Ambani Has The Most Expensive Home But Refuses To Live In It!

Mukesh-Ambani MDSL

Mukesh Ambani is ranked by Forbes as the ninth wealthiest person in the world with a fortune of $27 billion. India’s richest man built the world’s most expensive home and refuses to move in! If he doesn’t want to move in, I will. Click below to read more and pictures of the beautiful home. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret 

Amanda Knox And Italian Lover Raffaele Sollecito To Be Reunited Again


Amanda Knox is in regular contact with her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, he has revealed.  The couple were cleared of murdering and sexually assaulting student Meredith Kercher, 21, who was found semi-naked and with her throat cut in her bedroom of the house she shared with Knox.  Find out what else Raffaele had to say […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Rokaya Mohamed Born With Two Mouths Gets Life Changing Surgery


When she was born with two mouths, doctors told her parents she would not survive.  But 15-month-old Rokaya Mohamed has not only survived against all odds but has traveled from Egypt to America to receive ground-breaking surgery which they said would give her back her smile. Check out the amazing transformation below. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret