(PHOTOS) Mandy Sellars Has 70 Pound Leg Amputated And It Is Growing Back!

Proteus Syndrome Mandy Sellars MDLS

Mandy Sellars, a woman who had one of her 70 pound legs amputated was horrified when it began to grow back at great speed.  She suffers from a rare disease called Proteus Syndrome.   Read more about this rare disease and see the photos of Many Sellars before and after the surgery here. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(VIDEO) Luis Rosales Tries To Rob Hotel But Instead Is Confronted By Two Cage Fighters!


Armed robber Luis Rosales got more than he bargained for after being tackled by two cage fighters, Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney, who just happened to be staying at the hotel he was trying to rob.  Click below for the shocking photos and video of the robbery gone wrong. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(VIDEO/PHOTOS) Erica Butts And Shanita Cunningham Collapse In Court After Hearing Life In Prison For Murdering A 3 Year Old Girl

Erica Butts MDLS

A Charleston courtroom was the setting for a bizarre scene when two lesbian lovers collapsed, and wailed uncontrollably after hearing they would serve life for killing a three year old girl. Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham had to be picked up off the floor by officials. Read more about the heartbreaking story of the […]

(VIDEO) Does This Prove Courtney Stodden Has Not Had Breast Implants?


Teen bride Courtney Stodden claims she is 100% natural, but before and after photos lead many to believe this is a lie.  How can her breasts grow from nothing at 14-years-old to huge at 16-years-old?  Exactly.  Watch the video below of Courtney trying to prove her point on national TV show ‘Lifechangers’. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Prince William And Kate Middleton To Move Into Kensington Palace


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to make Kensington Palace their family home after the Queen personally intervened to enable them to live in Princess Margaret’s former apartment.  Check out the photos of where Prince William and his new wife Kate Middleton will be living soon. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret