(PHOTOS) Rachelle Grimmer Shoots Herself, Kids Over Welfare Dispute, Daughter Vents On Facebook

Rachelle Grimmer MDLS

Rachelle Grimmer went on a shooting spree after being denied food stamps, while her daughter updated her Facebook.  Times are tough people, but stop expecting a hand out, this is nuts!  Get the details on the terrifying events and the HORRIFYING status update and changes her daughter put on Facebook before she was shot by […]

(PHOTOS) Bristol University Netball Girls Do Naked Calendar Shoot To Raise Money

Bristol University naked calendar MDLS

Bristol University’s netball players have stripped naked for a calendar to raise money for their student club.  Sex sells, so of course this will help them get the funds they need!  The photos are classy and fun and the girls look great! Check out some of the pages from their calendar and find out where […]

Top 10 Celebrity Couples Mommy’s Dirty Little Secret Wants Back Together

madonna and sean penn MDLS

We can all agree that we have a little soft spot when we get word that our favorite celebrity couple calls it QUITS! We at  MommysDirtyLittleSecret made our wish list and checked it twice! Check out the celebs we hope one day find their way back to each other. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret 

(VIDEO) Lisa Alyounes BEATS Cheating Boyfriend On NJ Transit, Then Fights Cops!

Lisa Alyounes beats up Boyfriend On NJ Transit MDLS

Lisa Alyounes, 26, was filmed beating up her boyfriend aboard a New Jersey Transit train.  This is CRAZY!  I am glad to see the boyfriend handle the situation like a real man, but this girl’s actions were absolutely disgusting!  I hope she does not have kids.  This poor man is much better off with out […]

(PHOTOS) Kristin Chenoweth Mocks Big Butts At The American Country Music Awards

Kristin Chenoweth big butt MDLS

Kristin Chenoweth got a lot of expected attention at the American Country Music Awards with her big padded booty. (It reminds me of Nicki Minaj with the skinny legs and big round bottom.) She was hysterical, but maybe now these girls with their inflated butts will see how ridiculous it looks!  Check out the winners […]