(VIDEO) Lena Fokina Practices Baby Yoga, Is This Abuse?

Lena Fokina MDLS

A Russian woman named Lena Fokina has been called crazy after her ‘baby yoga’ routine, which has been banned from a number of websites for fear that it glorifies child abuse, has been brought to the public light.  I never heard of her until Michelle A., an MDLS reader, mentioned it to us.  I could […]

(PHOTOS) Hot Or Not: Stripper Gets Thong Tattoo

tattoo gun MDLS

Some girl decided it would be a good idea to get a pair of thong panties tattooed on her.  Yes, it may be ratchet, but from the front it doesn’t look that bad. However, when you get to the back…wow, a mess.  Of all the tasteless vagina tattoos I have seen, this tattoo is up […]

WANTED: Scientist Seeks Woman To Give Birth To Neanderthal

Neanderthal MDLS

Umm…hmm?  Professor George Church believes he can reconstruct Neanderthal DNA and clone one with the help of a woman and her womb.  Ladies, would you do this for the right price?  Check out the bizarre details here…

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Dieters Dream: New Pump Sucks Food Straight Out Of Your Stomach

stomach pump MDLS

A strange new weight loss device allows people to eat anything they would like, then sucks it out with a pump.  This is CRAZY and just not right!  Find out more here…

(PHOTOS) Strippers With Flaming Vaginas: Are We Really At This Point?


Strippers pouring gasoline on their vaginas?  They say pictures say a thousand words and this image may not have a thousand words to describe the XXX striptease that is taking place in it but it doesn’t need more than maybe a few dozen to describe it. (NSFW)

(PHOTOS) Edible Deodorant: Would You Eat Deo Perfume Candy?

armpits MDLS

Edible deodorant!? Really?  Do people stink that bad?  Taking daily showers usually help with that.  Find out all about Deo Perfume Candy here, and let us know if you would try it… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Jackie Samuel: Professional Cuddler!?


Yes, you read that right.  Jackie Samuel gets paid to cuddle.  It’s kind of like a prostitute, except switch out the sex for spooning!  Check out the bizarre details and photos of her in action here!

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Catarina Migliorini: The Student Who Sold Her VIRGINITY Online For $780k

Catarina Migliorini Sold Her VIRGINITY

Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini sold her virginity for $780,000 after she put it up for sale in an online auction.  Do you think this is crazy or what?!  Check out the shocking details and her rules for her first sexual encounter here…

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Devout Christian Timothy Kurek Comes Out As Gay Man, But Was All A Hoax!

Timothy Kurek

Timothy Kurek, who is a straight male, went undercover as an ‘out and proud’ gay male for a whole year and the reaction from his family and friends was a shock to many.  Check out the details, photos and video here…

(VIDEO) Man Drinks Bottle Of Ciroc In 30 Seconds

Man Drinks Bottle of Circo in 30 Seconds MDLS

This is an idiot at his best. This man drinks a bottle of Ciroc in less than 30 seconds. Who really practices crap like this?! Check out the foolishness here… Drink responsibly! Find me on Twitter @JasmineKay_ 

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Kelly Osbourne’s $250,000 Diamond Emmys Manicure

kelly osbourne diamond mani MDLS

Kelly Osbourne shows off her $250,000 diamond manicure at the Emmys. Wowzers! Would you? Not you mention she looked absolutely AMAZING. Check out the photos and video here… Find me on Twitter @JasmineKay_