(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Survivor, Nudist Style: Carolina Foothills Nudist Resort Holds Their Own Contest

Nudist Survivor

The season premier of the hit TV series is “Survivor” set air in September, but this nude variation of “Survivor” that took place at a South Carolina nudist resort is not suitable for cable TV.  Take a look at the photos and details of the ‘ Survivor-type contest’ here… (WARNING: Graphic Images)

NSFW: Crazy Girl Posts Nude Photos Of Herself In Order To Trend On Twitter!

naked on Twitter

I don’t know whether to laugh or not.  The poor girl posted her own nude pictures to the social networking site in order to become a ‘trending topic.’  However, since we are celebrating the Olympics, her plan flopped.  Too bad.  Anyways, here are her naked photos – lets give her the attention she wanted. Find […]

WIN A DIVORCE: Cheating Website Competition, Is This Right?

win a divorce MDLS

This is weird.  A dating/cheating website is running a ‘Win a Divorce’ competition.  You can’t blame these websites, people are going to cheat regardless.  However, even though promoting cheating may be morally wrong, I have to side with the website on their reasoning behind the contest.  Check out the details on the bizarre contest here… […]

(PHOTOS) Not Homeless, Need Boobs: Chrissy Lance, The Flat-Chested Bikini Clad Panhandler

Chrissy Lance

Chrissy Lance is not your average beggar.  She is a single mom who sits on a corner begging for money in a bikini.  So why is she panhandling?  Because she wants breast implants and simply cannot afford them herself.  Check out the photos and details of the sexy panhandler  here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Lacey Wildd, Mom Of Six With L-Cup Breasts, To Get Size MMM Implants!

breast implants MDLS

Lacey Wildd has some HUGE breast implants already and she only plans on getting them bigger.  I don’t know what would posses anyone to get L-cup sized implants in the first place, but now she wants MMMs.  Find out the reason behind this woman’s surgical obsession and why her children are begging her to stop…

(PHOTOS) Shocking Times Magazine Cover Of Mother Breastfeeding 3-Year-Old Son

breastfeeding MDLS

Breastfeeding is great, but breastfeeding an almost four-year-old?  I think not.  That just gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Attachment parenting has some great benefits, but if your kid no longer wears diapers, I don’t think they should be suckling your nipples.  Check out the latest controversial breastfeeding photo that appears on the cover of Time magazine […]