BUSTED: Lonely Mother Arrested For Sex With Schoolboy In Her Car And Steamy Facebook Messages! (PHOTOS)


This woman is pathetic!  Why was she having sex with a 12-year-old in the first place?!  Check out the scandalous details and photos here…

WTF: Man Covered In Jell-O, Being Filmed Having Sex With A Cow, Arrested! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Two New York men were caught doing something you won’t even believe.  I really could kill these two assholes.  Check out the details here…

GRAPHIC: Crazy Chick Slices Off Tattoo Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Name, Mails Skin To Him! (PHOTOS)

torz reynolds

26-year-old Torz Reynolds learned her boyfriend of two years was cheating on her, so in turn she decided to remove the tattoo of his name…

Parents Beware: Alarming Trend Among Kids Causing Nasal Maggots!?


The things kids do are stupid, disgusting, and dangerous…trust me I know, I’ve done a lot of stupid things.  However, this trend has some very shocking side effects and parents should be aware…

GRAPHIC: The Most Disgusting STD Yet, Cheaters Karma? (PHOTOS)

graphic photos

I can’t even look at this.  Fellas watch out, this should be a major warning for you and where you put your penis!

WTF: Human Emojis Are The Most Disturbing Things, Look! (PHOTOS)


The following images come from a campaign by French child advocacy group Innocence en Danger. The point to to warn people of internet predators, and I think we get the point.  I will never look at an emoji the same again…

NSFW: Graphic Footage Of What Doesn’t Belong In A Vagina (VIDEO)


For what seems like a really normal thing to not do, I am once again surprised by the things I stumble on and across the internet. People are just plain f*cked in their heads now…

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Reality Tv Star Nya Lee Films Booty Injection Procedure! (VIDEO)

warning MDLS

Take a look at how all these ‘models’ are getting their big round butts and small waists.  Cosmetic surgery of course!  Love & Hip Hop star Nya Lee has no shame in her game and recorded the whole bloody procedure…

WTF: Papa John’s Pizza Delivery Man Caught On Camera Having SEX With Dog! (PHOTOS)

jail  MDLS

Joshua Lee Werbicki was caught on hidden camera having sex with the family dog. This is not only disgusting, but extremely traumatic to the dog. What the heck is wrong with people!? Check out the shocking details and photos here…