(VIDEO) Battle In Court: Liza Morales Vs Lamar Odom

Odom Morales MDLS

Liza Morales of Starter Wives Confidential was in a NY courtroom today battling it out with her ex and the father if her two children, Lamar Odom.  Check out the details and videos here…

(AUDIO) Zakia Goes In On Maino First Hand!

zakia maino MDLS

Check out what Zakia Baum, the outspoken and dramatic cast member of Starter Wives Confidential, has to say about her ex Maino, Lil Kim, and more!

(VIDEO) Starter Wives Confidential: Episode 4: Road Tripping


Starter Wives Confidential, featuring our very own Monica Taylor isn’t going to be on the air, but you can catch every episode, every Tuesday, here on MDLS! Check out the 4th Episode, Road Trippin’ here… Follow Monica on Twitter @momsmadeeasy

(VIDEO) Starter Wives Confidential: Episode 3

starter wives confidential

Starter Wives Confidential, featuring our very own Monica Taylor is back on!  In case you missed last week’s show, you can watch the full episode here…

Monica Says: It Was Nice Being A Reality Show Star, But Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Monica Says

If you want to watch the remainder of episodes of Starter Wives Confidential you will have to go online to TLC.com.  Ask me why?  ::Long pause::

(VIDEO) Starter Wives Confidential: Monica Takes The Ladies Shopping For TOYS

(VIDEO) Starter Wives Confidential sex toys MDLS

Uh oh!  Check out this clip as Monica takes Liza and Cheryl on a shopping expedition for erotic toys.  WARNING: ADULT CONTENT

(PHOTOS) Lil Kim Suing TLC For Starter Wives Confidential Maino Drama?!

zakia starter wives MDLS

Since the premiere of Starter Wives Confidential, Zakia Baum has had no problem keeping her ‘beef’ with legendary rapper Lil Kim a secret.  Now, Lil Kim is allegedly suing!!  Who do you side with – Lil Kim or Zakia?  Check out the details and take our poll here here…