Mormons Baptizing Dead Famous People Like Princess Diana And Anne Frank Into Their Faith!


Mormons have been preforming posthumous baptisms on many well known people, who because they are dead, can not consent to this.  Do they not have respect for the dead?  I’ve heard of the Mormon faith but never knew much about it. However, it doesn’t seem as though it’s very accepting with it’s belief of polygamy […]

Scientist Claims Our Pets Have Physic And Telepathic Powers

Dr Rupert Sheldrake 'The Science Delusion: Freeing The Spirit Of Enquiry' MDLS

I came across an interesting article about pets having physic abilities and being able to detect natural disasters.  I love animals and currently have a dog and a cat but never actually thought them to have telepathic powers.  Call me strange but I do believe that they are able to sense spirits and they definitely […]