Friday The 13th And Why It Is Considered Unlucky

friday 13th MDLS

If you are like me and are superstitious, you already know that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day…but do you know why?  I didn’t, until I looked further into it.

Real Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Uses Her Good Looks To Stop Evil (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Real Life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova claims to be a Spiritual Guru, using her good looks to stop bad energy. What?! Check out the documentary and photos here…

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Gospel From The Stripper Pole: Christian Female Preaches With Nipples Out

La Tascha Emmanuel MDLS

The Vatican may have to take some notes from this preacher… La Tascha Emmanuel, a female preacher who is literally giving her sermon from the (stripper) pole with her big boobs popping out of her dress top…

(PHOTOS) Could The Next Pope Be Black?

A Black Pope MDLS

Following the shocking announcement that Pope Benedict XVI will resign later this month, there’s a lot of talk on who the next Pontiff will be.  Some are saying it will be a non-European, maybe even a black man! Check out the details here…

(PHOTOS) Pope Benedict XVI Resigns!!!

Pope Benedict XVI resigns MDLS

Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world today by announcing he is to stand down as leader of the Catholic church…

Sex By Zodiac Signs, Is This True About You?

libra MDLS

Monica came across this interesting post from, shared it with me, and in turn I am sharing it with all of you.  It describes the signs of the zodiac, who you are compatible with for a relationship, fling, or who you should stay away from.  I’m totally into this kind of thing, and I […]

Naked Space Yoga Classes, For MEN ONLY!

Naked Yoga MDLS

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline for everyone, right? Not in Brooklyn’s Park Slope! A studio has adopted the concept for NAKED yoga. So leave your stress and clothes at the door. And ladies we are not welcomed, MEN ONLY! Check out the interesting story below… Find me on Twitter Jasmine Kay

Mormons Baptizing Dead Famous People Like Princess Diana And Anne Frank Into Their Faith!


Mormons have been preforming posthumous baptisms on many well known people, who because they are dead, can not consent to this.  Do they not have respect for the dead?  I’ve heard of the Mormon faith but never knew much about it. However, it doesn’t seem as though it’s very accepting with it’s belief of polygamy […]