Ava Sabrina London: Meet The Transsexual Who Tore Kendra And Hank Baskett’s Marriage Apart (PHOTOS)


Allegedly, Hank Basket cheated on Kendra Wilkinson with a tranny and now his dirty laundry is being aired out.  Check out the photos and scandalous details here…

Jennifer Lopez’s Boy Toy Casper Smart EXPOSED By Another Transsexual! (PHOTOS)


A second transgender model has opened up about her alleged sexual encounter with Casper Smart before his break-up with Jennifer Lopez was announced…

Leaked Pics Of iPhone 6 Hit The Net!? (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


A mysterious Twitter user has posted a series of pictures claiming to be the iPhone 6…

Obama And Beyonce Love Affair: Latest Details On Alleged Shocking Claims! (PHOTOS)


Rumor has it, that President Obama and Beyonce both cheated on their spouses with EACH OTHER.  Who knows what to believe these days!?  Check out the shocking details here…

Kris Jenner Speaks Out About Bruce Jenner And His Alleged Plans For Sex Change Surgery! (PHOTOS)

bruce jenner sex change

Kris Jenner is speaking out about Bruce, and clearing up the talk about him undergoing surgeries for a sex change.  Find out more here…

RUMOR: Shocking Details Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s PRENUP!

kim and kanye

Of course Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a complicated prenup drawn up, but could it be this weird too?  It may sound far-fetched, but I actually think this prenup sounds like a good idea…

Justin Bieber QUITS Music: Listen To What He Said LIVE On Air Here! (AUDIO)


Justin Bieber has claimed he is retiring.  Find out the details and listen to what he said  here…

Cougar On The Prowl: Sofia Vergara Calls Off Wedding To Nick Loeb


Sofia Vergara may be raking in the cash, but her love life isn’t doing as well as her bank account.  These two need to just move on from each other already.  Check out the latest drama and gossip, here…

RUMOR: Rapper Ja Rule Leaves Wife For Man He Met In Prison?! (PHOTOS)

ja rule gay

Ja Rule is gay?  Rumor has it that the New York rapper has left his wife for another MAN.  I was at their wedding back in April of 2001 and the childhood sweethearts seemed very much in love.  See Ja Rule’s alleged gay lover and what his wife Aisha Atkins has to say about it […]

LEAKED: Lamar Odom’s Alleged Drug Test Results, You Won’t Believe This! (PHOTOS)


Lamar Odom is obviously going through some troubling times, but the rampant drug rumors are getting out of hand.  Who knows what to believe, is he a crackhead or not?  Take a look at the alleged copy of his drug test results here…