(VIDEO) Why To Vote For The White Guy: A Message To White Voters From Chris Rock

Chris Rock message for white voters MDLS

Regardless of who you are voting for this Election Day, this is too funny not to post.  The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live and anyone who has a sense of humor is guaranteed to laugh.  Take a look here, and don’t forget to go out and vote tomorrow – I know I’ll be […]

(VIDEO) Elizabeth Evans, 4, Is Sick Of The Preisdental Campaign


Elizabeth Evans is making a big fuss about the Presidential campaign. Check out what the four year-old had to say about President Obama and Mitt Romney here… Find me on Twitter @JasmineKay_

(VIDEO) Donald Trump Makes His MAJOR Announcement About President Obama

Donald Trump video MDLS

Donald Trump has finally made his ‘major announcement’ about President Obama, after stating earlier this week that America was in for a surprise.  However, the news is not what many expected.  See his video, and read his press release here…

MITT ROMNEY SCANDAL: Did Our Republican Presidential Candidate LIE Under Oath?!

maureen sullivan stemberg tom stemberg mitt romney

Mitt Romney may be doing well when it comes to the predicted numbers for this coming election and his performances at the past debates, but could this bombshell ruin his chances to be the next Commander in Chief?  His friend Tom Stemberg’s ex-wife Maureen is making some serious allegations against Mr. Romney and she has famed […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Maredith Walker: Paul Ryan Girl Is Here, Move Over Obama Girl!

Paul Ryan girl MDLS

In 2007, it was all about Obama Girl and the massive crush one pretty young voter had on the then-presidential candidate.  But now, it is all about Paul Ryan’s girl, who wants to ‘get fiscal’ with the next possible Republican vice president.  Check out the photos and her video here…

(AUDIO) YIKES: Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters, 2012 Edition

howard stern MDLS

Election Day is drawing near, so I thought I’d post this funny clip from The Howard Stern show.  His contributors Sal and Richard traveled to Harlem, interviewed random Obama supporters and asked them why they are voting for Obama.  They say ‘every vote counts,’ but in these cases I don’t know if that’s a good […]

(PHOTOS) Presidential Debate: Obama Slammed By Romney

Mitt Romey debate MDLS

Poor President Obama.  If you saw what most of America did last night on the debate then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Check out the photos and details here and let us know – who do you think won?

(VIDEO) Samuel L Jackson Wake The F*ck Up Obama Propaganda: Is This Ad Offensive?

samuel-jackson-obama MDLS

Samuel L. Jackson’s “Wake the f*ck up” Obama campaign ad was released. Using Dr. Seuss-inspired rhymes, Jackson uses scare tactics and offensive language to get people to vote. The ad was not approved by any campaign, but people are outraged. I think it was made all for jokes. Check out the video here… Find me on […]

Another Strange Link Between Politics And Porn

Mirad Hadziahmetovic MDLS

Where does the link between porn and politics come in?  Find out the answer in our featured guest post here…

(AUDIO) Mitt Romney Exposed: Damaging Secret Recording Leaked

Mitt Romney recording MDLS

It seems Mitt Romney might have put his foot in his mouth.  Check out the potentially damaging secret recording that has been released.  Will this ruin his chances at winning the election? Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Obama Girl Is Back: She Still Has A Crush On The President!

Obama Girl video MDLS

During the first campaign video, Obama Girl, the then-21-year-old Leah Kauffman wrote the funny song ‘I Got A Crush On Obama’ hired a model to lip-sync the words and dance around in a bikini.  Now she is doing it herself in the remake version!  Check out her latest video here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117