(VIDEO) Why To Vote For The White Guy: A Message To White Voters From Chris Rock

Chris Rock message for white voters MDLS

Regardless of who you are voting for this Election Day, this is too funny not to post.  The following video is from Jimmy Kimmel Live and anyone who has a sense of humor is guaranteed to laugh.  Take a look here, and don’t forget to go out and vote tomorrow – I know I’ll be […]

MITT ROMNEY SCANDAL: Did Our Republican Presidential Candidate LIE Under Oath?!

maureen sullivan stemberg tom stemberg mitt romney

Mitt Romney may be doing well when it comes to the predicted numbers for this coming election and his performances at the past debates, but could this bombshell ruin his chances to be the next Commander in Chief?  His friend Tom Stemberg’s ex-wife Maureen is making some serious allegations against Mr. Romney and she has famed […]