WALMART FASHION FAIL: Walmarticians Are At It Again!

People of Walmart is a hilarious site that I use to frequent whenever I needed a quick laugh! It’s amazing at what people are okay with looking like when they step foot out the door!

Hilarious: When Auto-Correct Strikes


If you have a cell phone, then mostly likely you’ve fallen victim to an auto-correct mistake. Take a look at these funny texts from,, that are sure to make you laugh…

Walmart Shoppers…What Were They Thinking? (PHOTOS)


If you’ve ever been to, then you know what I mean when I say these funny pics aren’t as funny as they are sad.

Latest Batch Of Walmart Girls (PHOTOS)


Here is another batch of Walmart shoppers…I can’t seem to get enough!  Click below to see photos of some of the most confident and/or blind women I’ve seen!

FOR MEN ONLY: Japanese Model Akina Aoshima Getting Naughty!

Akina Aoshima

Check out Akina Aoshima as she poses for some very sexy modeling pictures…

FOR MEN ONLY: Daily Sexy Video

Twerk Team MDLS

Get your daily dose of ratchet and check out our daily sexy video featuring the Twerk Team…

FOR MEN ONLY: Mellisa Clarke Topless

mellisa clarke MDLS

The very sexy and all natural Mellisa Clarke is posing topless for her latest ZOO photo-shoot…

GRAPHIC: Ladies BEWARE Of Booty Shots! (PHOTOS)

Andressa Urach

A model whose bottom came second in Brazil’s Miss BumBum beauty contest has revealed the terrible harm plastic surgery wreaked on her body…

FOR MEN ONLY: Brazilian Beauty Kamilla Covas Topless Amusement Park Photos


Check out the sexy Kamilla Covas as she has some topless fun…