EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Love & Hip Hop’s Amina Buddafly Shares Dirty Little Secrets!

amina buddafly

Amina Buddafly.  She may be the most famously hated side chick turned wife, but this season’s Love & Hip Hop princess is well aware of what’s on her plate and tells us what she’s most proud of…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cheryl Caruso Of Talero Tequila Tells Dirty Little Secrets

cheryl caruso starter wives confidential MDLS

Cheryl Caruso of Starter Wives Confidential is the second ‘boss b****’ on the show, as Monica likes to put it.  I recently sat down and spoke to the stunning blonde and got to know more about her; and boy, was I surprised!  Find out this ex-mob wife went from being a bartender to owning Talero […]

Latina Magazine Interviews Monica Taylor

latina magazine MDLS

Latina Magazine interviewed our very own Monica Taylor, and like usual she is not holding anything back.  Take a look at the sexy and honest interview here…

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former No Limit Rapper, Mia X Talks Food, Sex, And More!


Ever wonder what happened to rapper Mia X?  Find out here… Check out this exclusive from Lashan Browning as she interviews former rapper Mia X on her dirty little secrets and more… Find us on Twitter @MomsDirtySecret

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DJ Jazzy Joyce Speaks Out For The First Time, And Has A Lot To Say!

DJ Jazzy Joyce

Most people know DJ Jazzy Joyce for being the most talented and well known female DJ in Hip Hop.  However, there are things about the famed DJ that we don’t know – until now.  While in the studio working on her new album I sat down with DJ Jazzy Joyce and she opened up about […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Claudia, Founder Of Cougar Life, Shares Dirty Little Secrets

Claudia Cougar Life MDLS

Talking to Claudia Opdenkelder of Cougar Life, it’s more than obvious even over the phone (at 10:00am while she is doing her hair for an event) that this woman is way younger in spirit and energy than her 41 years! Her energy is infectious and she beams when talking about her recent marriage to her […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Floyd Mayweather And 50 Cent Exes Share Dirty Secrets

Floyd Mayweather Josie Harris MDLS

I sat down with Josie Harris and Shaniqua Tompkins, the mothers of Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent‘s kids, and got the ladies to spill all the juicy and private details of their relationships with these men. They have been pretty much silent up to now, but are ready to tell their story — and they […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Angela Yee Of Power 105.1 Thinks Like A Man And Acts Like A Lady

power 105 Angela Yee MDLS

Angela Yee of Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club is what we like to call a dating expert, not to mention she’s one of most powerful women in radio today.  She’s used to being the one asking all the questions, but I sat down with Angela Yee and got to her reveal some of her dirty little […]