Happy Hanukkah From All Of Us At MDLS

happy hanukkah MDLS

We would like to wish everyone who celebrates, a Happy Hanukkah, full of love and light.

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhaim!

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhaim!3

Halloween or Samhaim, whichever holiday you choose to celebrate, originates from the “Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year…

Guess Where Valentine’s Day Is Banned Around The World!?

valentine's day

My wife will be the first person to tell anyone that I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, not because I am anti romantic, but because I don’t believe that one day in the shortest calendar month of the year is the only day you should make  your special person feel like they are even more […]

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

martin-luther-king-jr-2012 MDLS

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Today we celebrate his life, his accomplishments, and his remarkable ability to change a nation and make an impact on the world.  Thank you Dr. King!!!

A Message From Blu The Naughty Guru: Happy New Year From Montreal


As I look out my office window I’m comforted knowing that the window pane is protecting me from the severe -41 C (including the wind chill factor) cold outside that seems to have blanketed most of Canada for the past few days…

XXX News: Meet The Rampant Rabbi (PHOTOS)

Meet The Rampant Rabbi

A few weeks ago the world was made privy to news that there is now a halal sex toy shop in Turkey and it seems as though religious themed sexy toys are becoming a trend…

XXX News: Your Favorite Jews In Porn, L’Chaim!


The porno community is about as diverse as it can get, name it and chances are there is at least one of whatever it is you want…

Pornstar Sunny Leone Proves There Is Life After Porn


Pornstar Sunny Leone’s second Bollywood mainstream film, “Jackpot” has had the official trailer been released on YouTube proving that there is indeed a life after porn.

The Horologicon: The Importance Of Words (PHOTOS)

The Importance Of Words

As a writer there is nothing to work with if one doesn’t have the right words to string together in a sentence and create a full page of written thought. Without the right words the interest gets lost and invariably so does the meaning…