Attention Animal Lovers: Comedy Show, Cash Prizes & Fundraiser Event – Get The Info Here!


Though we take our work as animal rescuers very seriously, everyone needs a chuckle here and there. Stand Up For Paws, a triple headliner show, consists of comics Robin Fox, Sheila Kay, Jay Black and our emcee for the evening, A.K. Bjorn.Find out how you can be part of this exciting event here!

Congrats Nina Davuluri, MISS AMERICA: NY Takes The Crown Again (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

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Congratulations to the beautiful Nina Davuluri for becoming Miss America last night.  Beauty pageants aren’t really my thing, but as a New Yorker, I am glad to see Miss New York win the competition again.  Not only is Nina Davuluri gorgeous, she is also very talented.  Check out the photos and video of the new […]