Wannabe Stripper Has Major Malfunction While On The Pole! (VIDEO)

black diamond of atlanta tranny strippers MDLS

Everyone always likes to see a fail of epic proportions and this one is in the rankings for best so far this year. It’s hard to not want to bite your lip from wanting to laugh at this stripper’s pain and embarrassment…

Rudest And Most Disgusting NYC Commuters Exposed (PHOTOS)


New York City commuters have no shame in their game.  Even I have came across some pretty nasty behavior on the train.  Take a look at the shocking photos here…

Graphic Content: NFL Star Ray Rice Caught Beating Wife Janay Palmer On Camera! (VIDEO)

ray rice video

Ray Rice, what a piece of sh*t… Just like any other man who beats a woman.  End of story.  Check out the horrifying footage that got the football star his $40 million contract terminated.  Ladies, learn a lesson from this, because most of you didn’t learn it from the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. No one needs […]

Kate Middleton Upskirt Wardrobe Malfunction, Oops! (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton uncensored photos MDLS

Kate Middleton was minding her own business when she had quite the wardrobe malfunction.  Check it out, uncensored, here…

Solange Vs Jay-Z Elevator Fight Complete Footage! (VIDEO)

solange jay z met gala split ap

By now, most of us have heard that Jay-Z was attacked by his sister-in-law Solange Knowles in an elevator a couple of days ago after the Met Gala.  CRAZY!!!  Talk about no class, shame on you Solaonge.  We can only wonder what was being said in there.  Check out the full video here…

WHOA: Chick Walks Down Busy Street With Jeans Painted On, Literally! (VIDEO)

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 9.52.01 PM

Now seeing as I scour the internet looking for content and articles I come across all kinds of interesting facts and stories and nothing makes me happier than when I come across something artistic that reminds me of how deceiving some paint jobs can be.

NSFW: Heidi Klum Has A Nip Slip On The Beach, Oops! (PHOTOS)

heidi klum nip slip

Check out the gorgeous Heidi Klum as she has a wardrobe malfunction in the beach in the Bahamas…

WTF: Man Covered In Jell-O, Being Filmed Having Sex With A Cow, Arrested! (PHOTOS/VIDEO)


Two New York men were caught doing something you won’t even believe.  I really could kill these two assholes.  Check out the details here…

Naked Olympic Swimmer Grant Hackett Caught On Camera In Hotel Lobby! (PHOTOS)

grant hackett naked

Troubled former swimming star Grant Hackett has been photographed half-naked and panicked in the foyer of Crown Casino in Melbourne…

ADULT CONTENT: Naked Man Assaults NJ Transit Bus Driver (VIDEO)

Naked man bus New Jersey

A naked man, on the freezing streets on New Jersey attacked a bus driver – and the sad part is, everyone stood there recording it with their cell phones and no-one thought to help.  Check out the video footage here…