Monica Taylor:

Within 30 seconds of meeting Monica Taylor, you know you’re in the presence of a high-energy, powerhouse of a woman who was clearly put on this planet to build an empire; and built and empire she has. From creating and producing a Television catalogue that’s been seen on countless major cable networks worldwide, to her mega-popular, “naughty blog” – hasn’t wasted a second proving she’s an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

As the recently divorced mother of two beautiful kids, Monica has said, “The first half of my life was practice…Now the real fun begins!” Always the first one to buck the trends, and march to the beat of her own drum, Monica is writing her own rules as she continues to conquer her industry…and yours. After 15 years of success in the business world as a marketing specialist and branding expert for companies like: ESPN, BP Fuel, Spike TV, Ford, General Motors, the U.S. Marine Corps and We TV; Monica decided it was time to show off her talents in front of the camera.

Currently you can see Monica on her new TLC series Starter Wives Confidential, a show about women whose ex-relationships with famous and well-to-do men left them fighting fiercely for solo successes and freedom. As a strong-minded business woman, Monica brings viewers along on her search for a more fulfilling existence. Monica chose to do the show to show women that life doesn’t just “go on,” it can get better.

Monica is the first person to practice what she preaches, and so her latest venture is a project titled Panther Love, a movement focused on young-at-heart women in their late 30’s and early 40’s who are willing to date, and are often times best suited for relationships with younger men who can fill their loves with all the fun they desire. Through this Monica has developed her talent as a dating and relationship expert, capable of helping woman ditch their baggage, and get on the path to finding love. Monica is an expert at pairing the most like-minded, love-seeking individuals together. Monica is currently in development on a book about Panther Love, that will no doubt revolutionize the May-December dating scene.

Join the thousands of visitors who follow Monica’s website, a popular online forum that attracts both men and women with it’s signature take on news, current events, and exclusive celebrity gossip and interviews–including it’s daily, “For Men Only” post that attracts millions of unique visitors to the site daily. You can even catch more personal posts from Monica, as she dishes the dirt on relationships, love, and being a Panther in 2013.

Find Monica on Twitter @MomsMadeEasy

Monica Taylor Interesting Facts:

– I hate sea food…all types
– my favorite band is Hall & Oates (Shhhh)
– I embrace my ADHD
– I’m an only child
– yes I cook…and it tastes good
– high heels are more comfortable than flats
– learning to play the guitar (so I can start my own band… the MILF’s)
– brutally honest
– can’t spell
– loves dimples (my son’s are the best)
– annoyed that my daughter does not think I’m cool
– has had plastic surgery (got you wondering)
– has bad phone manners (its a constant struggle)
– loves learning new languages
– loves my mom…. even though we annoy each other
– can’t live without my besties, T-Luv & Shan
– thinks roller skating should be an Olympic sport
– addicted to HSN


Patricia Rose, SITE MANAGER

low.EMG_1282.c-2As‘s blog-master, Patricia brings a plethora of ideas to the site.  She’s an optimist, animal lover, hard-worker and knows how to get the job done.


Instagram: patticakes_1021



low.EMG_1293.cJasmine the Smiley Guru, is a hardworking college student who joined the team at at first as an intern.  Her amazing work ethic and positive energy made her fit right in and is sure to get her far no matter what she does.

Twitter @JasmineKay_

Instagram: JasmineKay_

Tanisha M. Monroe, THE STEP CHILD

Tanisha is a 28 year old single, childless, freelance writer that works as a education specialist at a college and is also an entertainment news anchor as a hobby. She loves reading, writing and is also an advocate against Child Abuse. Tanisha uses comedy as a means of therapy to cope with her past as a child abuse survivor and to make others laugh. She currently lives in Norfolk, Va.



  1. Hi I watch your show on tlc all the way in Nigeria,yeah all the wAyo so that’s how much of a movement you are.. Lobe the blog and is an inspiration . It got me to start a blog. Thanx guy’s loving it all.

  2. I like to see the continuing episodes of Starter Wives-Confidential. So when it’s it going to happen? Will the format be what we have been watching on TLC or are you changing the format all together? Let me know so that I can make a choice.

    I loved the show when it was on. Too bad those with $$$$ can be the dictators and they quieted you out.

  3. Monica (Monica Taylor),

    I’m loving your website and I like the fact that you keep it real (with your readers)…! Always stay positive and keep on, giving your loyal readers the scoop on real life issues…!

    Much love, and future success to you,

    Terrence Hanton

  4. i’ve just recently started blogging maybe 10 days ago and i’ve already gotten like near 2000 pageviews.i wanted to know if you or someone on your team can help me become a celebrity blogger. i need to know what steps should i be taking in doing so. please take me under your wing. i am a small town girl from mississippi who moved to stl and i’m a stay at home mom of 1 and i’m married to my high school sweat heart. please respond and help me! thank you and god bless.

  5. Hi , I am new to the site and I am loving this blog … I like that you keep it 100% real but at the same time tasteful all at the same time..
    I am wondering if one of you wonderful ladies could privately email me i may have a story for you ladies that may help highlight serious dangerous situations for our youth .. I am 25 from NC and we have had two child killings by parents and stranger danger as well! I hope you ladies will get the chance to email me or some connection being made , due to i feel very strongly on this subject that i am hoping you ladies could help me bring to the front so to speak and get people actually talking about ways to protecting our innoent children … Also I believe it would help your blog receive way more and i mean billions more attention ladies i am not doing this as a way of some kind of revenge in no way.. im doing this becuz i am a young adult that has seen way too much bad in this world way before i should have.. so please contact me

  6. So you can put other people naked on this website but not yourselves? jk :) but really I would kill for those signs to be dropped

  7. Honestly, the ladies managing, contributing to, and running this site are more beautiful, sexier and a lot more interesting than all the women featured on the site, including the naked ones :-P !!!

    All the best to you and continued sucess!

  8. Why have you named ure website Name it something better. It somehow doesnt give off the right impression. you know what im talking about.

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