(PHOTOS) David Petraeus CIA Sex Scandal: More On Mistress Paula Broadwell And Jill Kelley

We all know by now that married former head of the CIA General David Petraeus resigned after an affair with Paula Broadwell became public.  Everyday more details are being revealed and this sex scandal is growing out of control. Check out the latest juicy details and photos here…

SCANDAL: Did Michelle Obama Really Ban Actress Kerry Washington From The White House?

Kerry Washington made a bang with the series premiere last week of her new show Scandal, and boy it was scandalous!  But now, rumor has it that Michelle Obama actually banned the young actress from the White House.  Find out the details here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

SCANDALOUS: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress MILDRED BAENA and their LOVECHILD!

The alleged mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lovechild has been named by a U.S. website. Mildred Baena, 50, is said to have fallen pregnant with her son, who is now aged around 14, while working for the former California governor and his wife as a housekeeper. UH OH!! More info and pics below.. Caasi Cofer

Another Star Gets A Sex Tape Leaked (VIDEO)

Any guy that grew up in the 80s would be happy to read that an Alyssa Milano sex tape has finally been leaked onto the internet.  Well sort of…

(PHOTOS) EXPOSED: Sydney Leathers Newest Anthony Weiner Victim Reveals Shocking Phone Sex Details And More

Anthony Weiner is exhausting! Personally I don’t think he has enough time to run for mayor with all this sexting and Phone sex. Sydney Leathers includes Weiner on her list of Heroes (i don’t make this up people) Click for pictures, NEW messages and text.  A Time line of his bad behavior and more… Dirty […]

(PHOTOS) Married Chicago Politician Has Nude Pics From Cyber Sex Website Surface

John Heidelmeier, a mayoral candidate and former police chief of a suburb of Chicago, is apologizing after a nude photo of himself holding his penis has surfaced on a sex website.  Take a look at the photos and find out more here…

(PHOTOS) Love Triangle: Grandson Of Nelson Mandela Humiliated After Breaking Law To Marry French Bride

Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela, is caught up in a love triangle scandal involving his second wife, French beauty Anais Grimaud. Check out the details and photos here… Find me on Twitter @JasmineKay_ 

(PHOTOS) Janna Ryan: Who Is The Wife Of Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan?

Janna Ryan has been shoved in the media’s spotlight, along with her vice presidential husband Paul Ryan.  These two will definitely be under a magnifying glass for the next few months, so let’s take a look at who the women be behind our possible future VP is…

(PHOTOS) George Will Says Donald Trump Is ‘Bloviating Ignoramus’

I don’t think there are many people who will disagree with George Will recent statement about Donald Trump, saying he is “bloviating ignoramus.” Click below for details on why Will is calling Trump out… Find me on Twitter @JasmineKay_

(PHOTOS) Secret Service Agent Arthur Huntington, Busted Again, This Time By Mistress Kelly Scruggs

The Secret Service agent Arthur Huntington who was the center of the Colombian hooker scandal, has been exposed again…this time by his mistress Kelly Scruggs.  She made some of their private moments public by exposing intimate photos of the two.  I don’t know what’s with women; exposing themselves to the world (as mistresses and home-wreckers) […]