Gloria Cain SPEAKS OUT About Her Husband Herman And Sexual Harassment Claims

Herman Cain has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.  His wife Gloria Cain, who has always liked to stay out of the media spotlight  is finally speaking out.  Check out what she has to say about the sexual scandal and her husband here… Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Herman Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

Herman Cain is under fire, being accused of sexual harassment on not one, but two women.  I know politics is a dirty game to play, and I don’t necessarily like Herman Cain but I think I believe his side of the story.  Check out the details below, what do you think? Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Couple Caught Having Sex On A Florida Beach, Arrested For Different Reason

When Florida couple Sherman Perry and Jamie Vergo were caught having sex on a beach it was just the beginning of their troubles. Check out the bizarre details and photos here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117

(PHOTOS) Amy Koch, Married GOP Senate Leader, Admits To Sex Scandal And RESIGNS

Amy Koch, Minnesota’s Republican state senate leader has resigned after admitting to her involvement in a political sexual scandal. The married mother of one is not the first, and won’t be the last to get herself caught up in such a predicament. Amy Koch spoke out on her indiscretions.  Check out the details of the […]

(VIDEO) Ginger White Reveals Intimate Details Of Her Affair With Herman Cain

We all know Herman Cain dropped out of the presidential race because of his ‘alleged’ indiscretions.  But for some reason the tattle tale Ginger White is forcing me to take Herman’s side on this.  She says she never meant to hurt anyone, but what did she think would happen after announcing to the world that […]

(VIDEO) Did Gloria Cain Force Herman Cain Out Of The Race For Presidency?

Herman Cain dropped his bid to become president one day after meeting with his wife Gloria. It was the first time he had seen her since allegations of a 13-year affair surfaced this week. Did she really force him out or is using her an excuse for Herman Cain not wanting to admit he has […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) New Accuser Ginger White Said She Had 13 Year Affair With Herman Cain!

Herman Cain can’t get a break.  Ginger White, his latest accuser admits to knowing he was married yet staying in a ‘relationship’ with him.  I don’t know what kind of woman knowingly dates a married man THEN announces to the world.  If I was her the last thing I would do is go to the […]

(PHOTOS) Herman Cain’s Accusers: Who Are These Women And What Do They Want?

Poor Herman Cain.  And I mean that in a sincere way, not sarcastically.  Whether the ‘harassment’ claims are true or false, why now and all these years later, are these women deciding to bash this man?  I do not condone any type of unwanted sexual advances, but come on ladies, these claims are from the […]

(PHOTOS) The Woman Behind Herman Cain – Who Is Mrs. Gloria Cain?

As the fourth woman speaks out about the alleged sexual harassment from presidential hopeful Herman Cain, it makes me wonder who is the woman that is standing behind him through all this?  We all know it’s his wife Gloria Cain — but who is she really? Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Republican Congressman Matt Doheny Caught On Camera CHEATING!

Matt Doheny may be another New York Congressional candidate who could see his political career ruined after he was caught on camera engaging in inappropriate behavior with not one but TWO women, that are not his fiance!  Check out the details and photos, and video evidence here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117