EXCLUSIVE: Scandalous Reason Floyd Mayweather And His Fiance Allegedly Split (VIDEO)

We all know Floyd Mayweather is selling his (ex) fiance Shantel Jackson’s items on Ebay, but do you know why?  After MediaTakeOut posted the story about Ebay, we got a reliable tip.  We have exclusive and quite scandalous details behind the couples’ alleged demise, find out here…

Floyd Mayweather And Fiance Split Rumors: He’s Selling Her Stuff On Ebay!? (PHOTOS)

Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson’s relationship may be coming to an end, and it seems as if she won’t be walking away with all the expensive gifts he has bought her…

(PHOTOS) Floyd Mayweather CAUGHT Fiance Shantel Jackson Cheating?!

Floyd Mayweather’s fiance Shantel Jackson is not only nasty…she’s also cheating!  A reliable source shared a dirty little secret with MDLS, and even we were a bit shocked. Get all the exclusive details on the ALLEGED knock out cheating scandal here…

(PHOTOS) Floyd Mayweather In Bed With Kid’s Mother: Josie Harris Sets The Record Straight

Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama Josie Harris posted a very telling photo last night of her and the engaged boxing champ.  Josie Claimed she was still sleeping with Floyd, now everyone knows the truth.  Check out the proof here…

Floyd Mayweather Is Not The Only Star In The Family, Check Out His Gorgeous Sister Fannie

Fannie, the well-known make-up guru, is exclusive giving us at MDLS some doable sexy Halloween make up tips.  Check it all out here…

RUMOR: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather No Longer BFFs?

Uh oh!  Rumor has it that Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent’s bromace is going through a rough patch and hasn’t been the same since Mayweather came home from jail.  Could it be because 50 was keeping Floyd’s fiance Shantel company while he was away?  Check out the scandalous details and what 50 Cent had to […]

Judge Responds To Pathetic Plea For Release From Floyd Mayweather In Jail

Floyd Mayweather may act like a tough guy but he basically begged a judge to get out of jail.   Apparently he is not fit for serving time, even if it is only 3 months.  He’s lucky he got such a short sentence for what he did in the first place!  What a shame, men […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Floyd Mayweather And 50 Cent Exes Share Dirty Secrets

I sat down with Josie Harris and Shaniqua Tompkins, the mothers of Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent‘s kids, and got the ladies to spill all the juicy and private details of their relationships with these men. They have been pretty much silent up to now, but are ready to tell their story — and they […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Going To Jail, Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going to jail! A judge sentenced him to serve time for one of the worst offenses: domestic violence. Check out the rest of the details and watch the video here…. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret 

NSFW: Floyd Mayweather Fiance Shantel Jackson Vagina Pic Exposed! (PHOTOS)

Floyd Mayweather’s fiance, Shantel Jackson, was a victim of her own carelessness. She accidentally tweeted a picture of her snatch! Hey, at least it looks clean! Check the ‘dirty’ pic here…