GRAPHIC CONTENT: Meet The Boy With RARE Itchy Scale Skin Disease Ichthyosis (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Pan Xianhang isn’t sleeping at night like your average eight year-old. He suffers from a skin disease known as Ichthyosis. Check out the deatils and Graphic Content here…

(PHOTOS) Katie Renfroe: 4-Year-Old Suffers Rare Disorder, Causes Cheeks To Grow Extremely Large

Katie, Renfroe, a little girl born with a rare genetic disorder megalencephaly, has been offered hope through a series of life-altering surgeries.  It’s amazing what doctors can do these days!  Check out the photos and details of this precious little girl and her journey here…

WTF: Colombian Parents Claim Their Newborn Son Is The DEVIL

Ana Feria Santos gave birth to her son last month but says her joy quickly turned to fear when she noticed that he had ‘several abnormalities’ – leading to fears in her community that he is the ‘devil in disguise.’

(PHOTOS) One Child Policy In China Leaves Newborn With Throat Slit, But She Survived!

This is horrifying!  As if China’s one child policy isn’t bad enough, the crimes taken out on ‘guilt babies’ are some of the most heinous ever.  Miraculously, one newborn has survived near death after having her throat slit and being tossed in the garbage.  Check out the amazing details here…

(PHOTOS) Rare Condition Causes Head Of 3-Year-Old Dilla Anargia Adilla To Triple In Size!

Dilla Anargia Adilla is not your average three-year-old.   Hydrocephalus has caused her head to grow, tripling in size. The sad part it, this could have been prevented.  Just goes to show that America isn’t the only one with a screwed up healthcare system!  Take a look at the shocking photos and details of the rare […]

(PHOTOS) Marwanijung, The Little Boy From China Born With NO Eyes

Marwanijung is a little boy born without eyes.  His parents Madamihan and Salamu, both 26, are of the Tajik minority in China.  This is a rare case, however doctors are giving the family hope for they boy’s future.  Check out the photos and details here…

(PHOTOS) Transgender Father Trevor McDonald Can Actually Breastfeed His Baby!

Transgender father Trevor McDonald has revealed that he is able to breastfeed his baby boy! This is very strange as the natural way of only a female being able to do this is tainted. Check out the details below of how he does it.

(PHOTOS) Matthew And Michael Clark, The Brothers Who Suffer From Rare Age-Reversing Disease

Matthew and Michael Clark are two brothers who are suffering from the rare disease leukodystrophy.  It is similar to what was seen in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but has a few differences.  Check out the details here…

(PHOTOS) Doctors Battle To Save The Six-Legged Baby, Product Of Incest

Last week a baby was born with six legs.  The highly rare condition, polymelia, has left doctors scrambling to find a way to save the newborn.  This is so strange, but I hope the baby turns out OK.  The reason for his extra extremities is most likely because he is a product of incest.  Check […]

(GRAPHIC PHOTOS) Ryan Marquiss: First To Survive Being Born With Heart Outside Of Body

Ryan Marquiss is truly a miracle baby. He was born with his heart on the outside of his body and against all odds, he has survived.  Check out the amazing story and photos of Ryan Marquiss here… Find me on Twitter @nyboriqua117