(PHOTOS) Jessica Simpson FINALLY Confirms She Is Pregnant

Jessica Simpson has finally confirmed what everyone’s been thinking – she is pregnant.  We have been saying this all along, so it’s really not a shock.  The way she did announce it was pretty cute though.  Congratulations to Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson.  Check out her announcement below. Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

PHOTOS: Is Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

Jessica Simpson stepped out in a gold dress that accentuated her growing belly. Do you think she’s expecting?  This, plus another recent pic, has us wondering…is Jessica Simpson pregnant?  Click below to see the pics and decide for yourself. Patricia Dean

RUMOR: Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were recently seen arriving together to a GYN office. So of course, rumors of a Kim K. pregnancy started circulating immediately.  Well, now there are some new reports that might just go to show that the reality star actually IS pregnant!  Find out here…