Little girl vagina tattoo

Little girl vagina tattoo

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  1. I saw a tattoo website that shows a pic of someone with a similar tattoo except the woman in the other pic chose to have a DEAD baby tattooed in that position. It had pus and was oozing and bleeding from the eyes, the body was decomposing. It was nasty! What is wrong with some people? Seriously wtf? And this other tattoo was real, on a legit tattoo website :(

  2. While my initial reaction is…’Dear GOD, WHAT THE FUCK!’…after looking at this longer, I’m pretty sure it is not a tattoo, but either a drawing or something added to the photo digitally…I’ve just never seen a tattoo with that type of line quality and color saturation.

  3. Is something wrong with your head? Ever disgusting and shameful as you promote pedophilia and to encourage men to browse such morbid things. Obviously you’re not a mother. You’re mom should slap you

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