SEX TIP: Find Out The Best Reason Yet To Have Sex NOW!

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Besides the obvious, here is one of my new favorite reasons to have sex.  It just goes to show that smart and sexy really do go together…

Having sex makes you smarter. A study found that middle-aged rats made more new brain cells after mating. Researchers at the University of Maryland also credited frequent sexual activity with increased brainpower. However, the benefits to the brain were lost if the creatures stopped mating. A second study, also published last year, suggested that having sex counteracts the effect of stress on the brain – at least in mice. However, while having sex may make you smarter, the converse is not necessarily true. The Atlantic website reports:

‘Being smarter does not necessarily mean you’ll have more sex. Smarter teens, in fact, tend to delay the initiation of their coital activities.’

In any case, making new brain cells may not be enough. Psychologist Tracey Shors told a Society for Neuroscience conference that hard work is needed if these cells are to survive. She said:

‘You can make new cells with exercise, Prozac and sex. If you do mental training, you’ll keep alive more of the cells you produced. And if you do both, now you have the best of both worlds – you’re making more cells and keeping more alive.’


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