Christian School Teacher EXPOSED After Naked Pics End Up On Revenge Website! (PHOTOS)

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A married female teacher at a private Christian school has had nude photographs of herself posted on a ‘revenge porn’ website. If you read the details, this is why I say it is important to always have your phone LOCKED. Check out the photos and more here…

The teacher was put on paid leave Monday from her position Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy while the school investigates the matter. The photograph was posted online on November 23. The teacher reported her iPhone 4S missing to Westchester police the following day.

teacher on revenge website

A spokesperson has confirmed the teacher is not in the classroom while the school looks into the matter.

‘We can confirm we have an employee who appears in some photos that have been compromised and made digitally available,’ spokeswoman Jennifer Murphy told USA Today.  ‘By compromised, I do mean were made available without her knowledge or consent.’

The school’s has a code of conduct and morality that staff must agree to abide by, Murphy says.  The investigation will attempt to discover how and why the image came to be online.

‘There is a really thorough investigation going on at the moment, and that’s really all I can say about it,’ Murphy told WCPO.

The teacher, whom the MailOnline has chosen not to name, is reportedly married with children

Cincinatti Christian School: The pre-school to year 12 school is investigating a nude photo scandal involving one of its teachers

The website on which the racy images were posted is full of comments from users who appear familiar with the teacher.

‘Really sad, but not surprising. I’ve seen her at the gym and heard rumors about her and others before. Feel terrible for the husband and kids! They don’t deserve this!’ wrote one.

“This person is not innocent, she was a teacher at [redacted] several years ago and was fired for inappropriate behavior with her students. I was a teacher at this school and couldn’t believe the things that went on,’ commented another.

‘Yes I know… That’s the school she was having an affair with a coach at… She makes memories at each and every school she teaches… That’s funny, ex-boyfriend? She’s been with her husband for over 10 years , her fake boobs are recent and she’s wearing her wedding ring in the picture in her car where she’s showing her fake boobs!’ another wrote.

The school has informed parents and staff of the situation.

‘The woman is already a victim,’ one parent, who asked to remain anonymous, told WCPO.  ‘But this being a Christian school, parents are upset that a teacher is even taking naked pictures and sending them to people – and…her students are old enough to get online and Google their teacher’s name and the photos come up.’

This is not the first time the school has been embroiled in a scandal. In 2012, the school withdrew its offer of employment to a male science teacher after discovering he was gay.


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