(PHOTOS) Mistie Atkinson, Mom Who Made Sex Video With Son, Has Provocative Photos Exposed

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Mistie Rebecca Atkinson, the woman who made a sex tape with her teenage son after they were reunited after 15 years apart, claims their relationship was not incest – but a case of ‘genetic attraction’.  Check out the latest details and personal photos of Mistie Atkinson here…

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Mistie Rebecca Atkinson, 32, was sentenced to four years and eight months behind bars in Napa County Superior Court, California on Wednesday. It came after she was found in a Ukiah, California motel room with the 16-year-old boy, who had recorded his mother giving him oral sex on his phone.  Authorities also recovered nude photos Atkinson had sent him after tracking him down through Facebook. She had not seen him for 15 years.

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Mistie Atkinson Caught Having Sex With Teenage Son!

But in a letter to the court, Atkinson, claimed she did not consider it incest, the Napa Valley Register reported.  She wrote:

‘I don’t feel like I should have the charge of incest because there is something called genetic attraction that is a very powerful [phenomenon] that happens to 50 [per cent] of people becoming reunited with a long-lost relative.’

Little research has been carried out on genetic sexual attraction. But some psychologists say family members who are separated for a long time could become sexually attracted to each other when they meet as adults.

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She reportedly had no contact with her son until last year when she began sending him inappropriate messages on the social networking site. The boy was living with his father at the time and was aware Atkinson was his mother. She did not have custody rights to him.  A source told the New York Daily News:

‘It appears she hadn’t had any contact with the son for 15 years.  She contacted him late last year via Facebook and was sending him messages inappropriately.’

The sexual contact began after police responded to domestic violence reports between Atkinson and her live-in boyfriend in Nice, California.  The relationship came to light when the boy’s relatives reported the inappropriate Facebook messages between him and Atkinson.

Mistie Atkinson

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Atkinson and the teen were found in a motel room on March 2. Police found videos on the boy’s phone from a month earlier showing Atkinson performing oral sex on the teenager and having sex with him. Atkinson also sent nude pictures of herself to him from her phone, court documents said. They had also talked about running away together.

In May, she had pleaded no contest to incest, oral copulation, lewd contact with a minor and distribution of lewd material to a minor.  Atkinson could be out in as little as two years and four months for good behaviour.


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