(PHOTOS/VIDEO) How To Master The ‘Sock Bun’ Fashion Trend

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Sock Buns are on the rise! As some of your favorite celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, are jumping on the trend. Check out the step by step tutorial on how to get you sock bun here…

Dailymail – The popular hairdo, which is equal parts ballerina and hipster, gets its name because styling it involves cutting the toes off a sock, and rolling it into your hair to create a donut-shaped bun. In an instructional video that has garnered over 1million views, hair expert Wendy Nguyen demonstrates how to create the perfect sock bun.


First, you need a sock that you don’t mind cutting up for the sake of fashion. Wendy notes that the longer the sock, the thicker and fuller your bun will be. Cut the toes part off of the sock and dispose of it, so that all that’s left is a tube-shaped piece of fabric.


Take the outside edges of the sock and roll it inside-out several times until it is scrunched up into a donut shape. If you have thick hair, Wendy recommends flattening it by using gel, cream or mousse, which will make it easier to create the bun.


Comb your locks into a ponytail, placing it higher or lower on your head, depending on where you’d like to the sock bun to rest. To create more volume in front of the bun, you can slide a comb beneath the hair on top of your head and loosen it slightly.


Take your ring-shaped sock and loop it over the end of your ponytail. Then take the end of the ponytail, bend the hair over the edge of the sock and tuck it underneath and through the bottom of the loop.

Next, roll the sock down your ponytail several times until it reaches your head, rolling your hair along with it. To keep the bun in place, pin the underside of it with clips or bobby pins, and secure it with a little hairspray.


According to the video, using a shorter sock will give you a ‘more petite’ bun.

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