(PHOTOS) Married Teacher Has SEX With Student, Gets Slap On The Wrist!

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A married female teacher who had sex with one of her students will not receive as harsh as punishment as many thought she should, and you won’t believe why…

MailOnline — A 33-year-old teacher who had sudden sex urges and slept with one of her students will only serve four months of her 11 year sentence. Despite the prosecution demanding the minimum of a year behind bars, Kathleen Cawthorne, of Virginia, was shown leniency by the judge after she apologized for her actions. The teacher’s husband Duncan also said he was standing by his wife after she apologized for having sex with the 17 year old. A court in Virginia was told that Cawthorne had been diagnosed with bipolar and she also had facets of hypersexuality – a sudden increase in sexual urges.

 Kathleen Cawthorne

Cawthorne had sex with one of her students from the William Campbell Combined school,Rustburg, Virginia, in March 2012. She picked up the teen and drove to a field where they had sex. The pair also exchanged intimate photos of each other before the affair was discovered by school chiefs and Cawthorne arrested.

Marital support: Cawthorne's husband Duncan has decided to stand by his wife throughout the ordeal (the couple pictured hugging)

Cawthorne pleaded no contest to one charge of indecent liberties with a child and three counts of electronic solicitation of a minor in January. At the sentencing hearing, Rick McGee, an associate pastor at Hyland Heights Baptist Church, testified that Cawthorne, a member of the church, had expressed ‘extreme remorse’ for what she had done.

He said Cawthorne had accepted responsibility for what she did.  McGee also said the church community would continue to be supportive of her as she worked on her recovery.

Prosecutor Brooke Willse-Gaddy said at the time the crimes were committed, Cawthorne had been 32 years old, nearly twice the age of her victim.  She said, as a teacher, Cawthorne was trained in reporting sexual abuse. ‘We trust our teachers,’ said Willse-Gaddy.  She said Cawthorne had violated that trust and asked the judge to exceed the guidelines and give Cawthorne at least a year in jail

Teacher's school: Cawthorne taught at Campbell County school in Virginia (pictured), where she met the male student

Defense attorney Gordon Peters asked that his client receive no time to serve.  He said Cawthorne had no prior record and she could no longer teach. Peters said having to register as a sex offender, meant she was ‘essentially lepers in this day and age.’ Before judge John T Cook ordered her to serve four months Cawthorne apologized to her victim and to his family. She also said she had apologized to the principal at William Campbell Combined School.

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  1. Had this been a male teacher having sex with a 17 year old student, then crime would not have been “indecent liberties with a minor” it would have been called “Statutory Rape.”. When the jury hears the word, “rape” they think of the minor being a victim against her will being pinned down and her life being threatened. The church probably would have not supported him, however, they most likely would have dismissed him from the congretation. As for the student, even if she admitted that she lied about her age stating she just turned 18 and the defendent claimed it was an honest mistake and would never would have had sex with her if he knew she was lying about her age, the Judge would have said, “Bravo Sierra!” Then he would have been sent off to prison for a long time. Here is a warning to all you ladies, regardless if you believe in Him or not. On the ultimate judgement day, God will not be Chivalrous. Yes! There are women in Hell.

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