New Post Baby Girdle Has Mothers Embracing The Constructive Shape Wear

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Girdles are the quick fixes for getting back into shape after having a baby. Now, mothers are embracing the new trend. Stars like Jessica Alba, are happy for the product. Check out the photos and details here…

Dailymail – Celebrities like Jessica Alba, who recently admitted to using corsets to regain her post-baby figure, an increasing number of women are wriggling into the constrictive undergarments.


Brands like Belly Bandit, Bellefit and Hourglass Angel all promise to help shrink the belly, waist and hips; help minimize stretch marks, accelerate the healing process, and decrease bloating and swelling.


As a shortcut to a toned post-baby body, Ms Alba, 31, revealed to Net-A-Porter that she wore corsets after her daughters Honor, four, and Haven, one, were born.

‘I wore a double corset day and night for three months,’ she said last week. ‘It was brutal; it’s not for everyone. It was sweaty, but worth it.’


For 50 years, feminists have criticized girdles and corsets as symbols of repression, but in a resurgent fashion phenomenon, a new generation of women are turning to the medical-grade compression shapewear without a thought of what Gloria Steinem might say.


From tight belly bands, to hook-and-eye corsets and pull-up girdles, products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But recommendations that women begin wearing a girdle the day they are discharged from the hospital, for 24-hours a day, remain constant. While Bellefit girdles use hypoallergenic fabric to prevent skin rashes, allowing the skin to breathe, a less forgiving material usually gives a more flattering effect – with all its organ-shifting, curve-exaggerating strength.


Prices typically run from $50 to more than $165, depending on the brand, fabric (Eco-friendly Bamboo costs more, for example), and how much of the body it covers. Hidden under clothes the results may be sexy, but the corsets generally are not.  Fashion expert Eloise Parker told MailOnline: ‘I tried a belly bandit, but it was a bit bulky under clothes.

‘I preferred wearing a Bellaband. It provided light support but was comfortable enough to wear all day and smoothed out any post-pregnancy lumps and bumps.’

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