(PHOTOS) Ciara And Boyfriend Have 3some With King Of Diamonds Stripper

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You gotta love the people at Mediatakeout.com they always have the juiciest gossip to make the world aware of. News on the gossip site’s front page stated that R&B singer Ciara and her new boyfriend rapper Future, like to spice up their bedroom olympics with a bit of variety…

The two were spotted at famed Miami strip club the King Of Diamonds and they were quite taken back with one of their lovely ladies, so much so, they took her home and had a sexy all black threesome with the exotic dancer.
The stripper’s identity is not known just yet but will be soon as the rest of the gossip tabloids get a hold of this story. Apparently they dropped upwards of 50k on a bunch of strippers and when it was time to leave they dropped an extra 5k on one and asked for her to come back to their hotel room for a private show.


While no one can really confirm what happened in the hotel room it isn’t a stretch in the least bit to think that they weren’t playing a few rounds of Yahtzee. What is known however, is that the couple were not on their scheduled flight the next morning.

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