(PHOTOS) Amanda Bynes Posts Strange Shirtless Pics Of Herself Online

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amanda bynes MDLS

Starlet Amanda Bynes has done nothing less than exhibit strange behavior for the last little bit. What can explain her odd behavior?

Drugs, mental disorders or just the need for a big black dick, possibly the one attached to Drake’s body, to in her own words, “murder her vagina.”

The actress best known for her role in the movie Easy A posted two very salacious and shirtless self-shots on her Twitter page, which flaunted her beautiful midriff section and showed off her beautiful big boobs.

amanda bynes MDLS

Bynes has a really fucking kickass body that if the mainstream doesn’t want to deal with her craziness, the porno industry will turn her into a star. At a stunning 5’8 and weighing in at around 135 pounds, she has the perfect proportions for the makings of a skin flick starlet.

amanda bynes MDLS

Sources in the porn industry are hoping that she decides to forgo any and all mainstream acting and to start starring in her own XXX series for the major players. Her love of the camera will surely be put to good use in that industry.

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