(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Millionaire Arrested For Letting His 9-Year-Old Son Drive His Ferrari

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A millionaire from India has gotten himself in hot water after letting his young son drive his Ferrari as a birthday treat.  Take a look at the photos and video here…

DailyMail — A businessman who was determined to show his nine-year-old son’s driving talent to the world is in trouble with police – after letting him take his Ferrari F430 for a spin.  Muhammad Nizam let his son take the wheel of the £127,000 supercar on his birthday – with nobody else in the vehicle except for his six-year-old brother.

A gang of children cheer on the driver as he disappears down the suburban street

The boy drove it for several hundred metres along a private road – all filmed by his proud family, who then uploaded the footage to YouTube.

The youngster pulls up after his drive apparently proud of his achievement, though police say he is not the only under-aged driver to be found on Kerala roads at the wheel of an expensive car

Nizam, who lives in Thrissur, India, and owns several businesses in India and other countries, now finds himself accused of allowing his underage son to drive a vehicle.

The video has now gone viral on You Tube

The Kerala Police have registered a case against Nizam under the Juvenile Justice Act and Motor Vehicles Act for uploading a video of an illegal act, sending out a wrong message to the world and allowing a child to drive a vehicle.  Read more…

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