Instant Turnoffs For Men, According To A Man

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VH1′s “Tough Love,” matchmaker Steve Ward is sharing some things that turn men off, according to him.  Ladies pay attention…

1. “Hair extensions, fake eyelashes and Spanx. They all scream ‘fake.’”

2. “The wandering eye. She’s looking at every guy in the room instead of the guy she’s with.”

3. “The constant playing with the hair. Leave your hair alone; it looks great.”

4. “The constant application of lip gloss. It gets everywhere: on the glass, in her hair. You don’t want to kiss her because you feel like you’ll mess up her lip gloss or it will get all over you.”

5. “A negative attitude. I don’t care how bad traffic was, or how hard it was to find a parking spot, or that the weather is bad so your hair is frizzy.”

6. “Being too self-obsessed. The line is crossed when you’re too self-involved and you’re overly concerned about your appearance to the point where it’s noticeable. Personal maintenance is fine. A guy knows a girl has a routine. There’s the one-hour routine for a Saturday night and then there’s the half hour routine for going to work. A guy doesn’t want to sit ready for 20 minutes. When you’re truly 20 minutes from being ready, let him know.”

7. “More than 4.5-inch heels. More than that is absolutely too much; they look like stripper shoes.”

8. “Smoky eyes. I would like to know you have a normal eyelid.”

9. “Wolverine acrylic nails. A normal manicure is fine; really long nails can be gross.”

10. “Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu without any reference to it. It’s a little off-putting. Say something like ‘I’m going to pass on apps, but I’m really craving lobster … is that cool?’ It’s extremely appreciated. Just as important as a thank you.”

11. “Ordering champagne. It’s ostentatious. It’s meant to be something you drink when you’re celebrating.”

12. “Constant checking of the phone. Put it in your purse or in your jacket pocket. If you need to talk on the phone (which should only happen once — if that — per date), excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.”



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  1. Number 10 is true… A friend and I went on a date with a couple of pro ballers(no names) and he had a fit when I ordered the crab legs. After he said what he had to say, I offered to pay for my meal. He didn’t like that… But I did say “please let me leave the tip”. His eyes lit up and gave me the approval… I said thank you after the meal and again when they dropped us off at home.
    I know he wanted a night cap and thought all was well but I was not feeling him after all that. Was it really that serious?

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