GRAPHIC: NFL Player and Girlfriend Burned In Hot Air Balloon Show Their Burns

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NFL wide receiver Donté Stallworth has described the terrifying moment a romantic hot air balloon ride became a nightmare after it struck a power line, leaving him and his girlfriend covered in burns…

‘It was the longest two or three second of my life,’ he told ESPN. ‘I literally thought I was dead.’

He also showed off the injuries that he and Soleil Guerrero suffered in the accident, which took place just south of Miami on March 16.

Recovering: Donte Stallworth revealed how he thought he was going to die in hot air balloon crash last month

They shared images revealing their broken, charred skin and a picture of bandages covering Guerrero’s entire body while she was being treated for third-degree burns.

The start of the date – which had been arranged to celebrate Guerrero’s 27th birthday – was peaceful, with the couple enjoying the views for more than an hour.

Hurt: His girlfriend Soleil Guerrero was also in the basket when it hit a power line and she caught on fire

But things suddenly took a bad turn when the pilot told them they would not be able to land at their expected location – and Stallworth, 32, saw they were heading for powerlines.

Burned: They suffered second- and third-degree burns and shared their photos with ESPN

‘I became concerned when I was looking back behind me, and I saw that we were getting really close to the power lines,’ Stallworth told ESPN in his first interview about the accident.  ‘By the time I realized we were going to hit the power line, it was too late.’

Donté Stallworth injuries

When they hit the line, they were both electrocuted and Guerrero caught on fire in the corner of the basket.

‘The shock felt like two or three seconds, but it was the longest two or three seconds of my life,’ Stallworth said, adding that he was paralyzed by the shock.

Soleil Guerrero

‘I started to get light-headed, and I remember telling myself, “Don’t close your eyes, if you close your eyes you’re going to die.” I literally thought I was dead.’

Guerrero said she also believed they were going to die.  Read more at DailyMail…


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