WTF: Mom Catches 8-Year-Old Daughter Sending Naked Pics On Cell Phone

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Watching her ­eight-year-old daughter’s fingers ­furiously tapping out a series of texts, Jenna Taylor realized how obsessed she’d become with her mobile. Jade never let it out of sight and when it beeped with a message, she shielded it from her parents. And now, she was giggling at something…

Deciding to check up on her, Jenna seized the phone. But not even in her worst ­nightmares could she imagine what she was about to discover. Her little girl had taken naked pictures of herself and sent them to her classmates asking them to do the same. “I felt sick to my stomach,” shudders mum-of-two Jenna, 31. “She was so young, she probably didn’t realise what she was doing was wrong, so I couldn’t punish her. I’d never heard of this happening so I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

Jenna is not alone in discovering that sexting – sending sexually explicit ­messages – is an epidemic sweeping primary schools across the country leaving children open to bullying and blackmail, or worse. Earlier this week, new figures showed 15 children a week are now kicked out of schools, including primary schools, for sex bullying and harassment. And according to a recent survey by ­, a shocking 71% of kids between 12 and 14 are using phones or social networks to sext. And 15% are children aged six to 11.

The poll of more than 1,000 mums and dads revealed that over 55% of people who caught their child sexting, found the messages on their mobile phones, as opposed to social networking sites.

Jade had owned the phone for six months when Jenna found the naked photos of boys and girls from her class.  In the ‘sent’ items, there were four pictures of her daughter – posing nude in front of her bedroom mirror. Other messages between the classmates were full of crude words, detailing what they’d like to do to each other, and asking for more photos.  Read more at Mirror…

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  1. Your kid was 8 years old and you don’t think she knows what she was doing wrong? Your child should know it is NOT ok for anyone but there parents to see them naked by the time they are old enough to SPEAK.

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